21.5” Self Checkout Kiosk Flex

Fully Automated Retail Self Checkout Kiosk with integrations available today for Shopify®

The 21.5” Self Checkout Kiosk Flex is designed to be deployed quickly and easily for your existing eCommerce stores, with integrations for Shopify® available today.

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Check out a live demonstration of the 21.5" Self Checkout Kiosk Flex and the Shopify® integration for Self Checkout.

Grab, Scan and Go

The Grab’N’Go feature lets your customers quickly scan and pay for items on-the-go. This is perfect if you operate a gas station, convenience store, pharmacy, or grocery store.

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Browse, shop, and pay for products in store with our market-tested unattended self checkout system.

Your online store’s products and catalogs can be offered seamlessly on the Self Checkout kiosk complete with descriptions, image galleries, and the most up-to-date pricing and inventory.

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Support for Product Variants and Options

Customers can view and select between product variants and customizations offered by your ecommerce store. The interactive image gallery supports auto-loading product variations based on the associated image just like your online shop.

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Browse and Search Products

The Self Checkout kiosk empowers your customers to easily navigate between your store departments and product categories. With support for search, sort, and filter feature finding exactly what your customer is looking for has never been easier.

Spin To Win Contest Marketing

Spin To Win Contest Marketing App generate thousands of email leads. This is now part of our point of sales system on all our self order kiosks platforms.

Spin To Win is a fully customizable contest generator that lets you create, manage, and run competitions and giveaways on your self-order kiosk. Reach customers in a fun and unique way with Spin the wheel ready-to-play on Eflyn Self Ordering Kiosks.

71% |  People recommend brands that offer giveaways.
85% | People who enter competitions share content from brands

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What the Shop Self Checkout Kiosk can do for you

The Self Checkout Kiosk can turn your Shopify online store into a smart retail location with a self-serve checkout for your customers. Fully supports single or multiple locations and is centrally managed with the ecommerce account you know and love.

Below are 10 short demonstration videos of Eflyn Self Checkout Kiosk with Shopify integration, including a demo of related products, self checkout with in-person payments, inventory tracking, universal site-wide search, smart local caching, grab and go with scan and pay feature, infinite page and products scrolling, filter collection by products, fully integrated product boxes and eflyn spin to win application to entertain your customers and also generate email marketing leads.

Universal Site Wide Search

Inventory Tracking

Related Products

Contest Marketing with Spin To Win

Fully Integrated Product Boxes

Smart Local Caching

Self Checkout can increase sales by 20% or more*

Smart Concierge for Self Checkout

Smart Concierge helps your customers make faster and happier decisions. Enhance the customer experience and increase sales with Smart Concierge, an AI-powered Recommendation Engine designed to be simple and intuitive to use. Customers are presented with a few simple questions that best meets their needs in a time-efficient manner and shorten the path to purchase, leave consumers with a positive impression of your brand, and reduce the likelihood of returns.

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Front Loading Printer

Eflyn Self Order Kiosk loads paper from the front. There is a key and lock mechanism in place, so you never have to open the cabinet to load the standard 80mm thermal paper roll.

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Powered by Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

For enhanced functionality, Eflyn Self Order Kiosks is powered by a built-in Intel PC using the latest Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. Now you can run your own apps or browser-based application without learning a new operating system.

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ID and Barcode Scanner

Built-in Universal 2D/3D Barcode Scanner from Honeywell. Scan coupons, loyalty cards, tickets, and more. Support for scanning PDF148 ID barcodes and passports.

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Capacitive Touchscreen

Yes, you read that right, Ultra accurate PCAP touchscreen technology with less than 5ms. response time is now part of our 32" Self Ordering Kiosk. Now your customer fingers will glide more smoothly on the kiosk when ordering.

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HD Camera Built-In

Utilize the built-in HD camera to capture essential user metrics, recognize faces and deliver a more customized and personalized self-order experience than ever before.

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Stainless Steel Counter

An optional Stainless Steel Counter works great for scan-pay and go customers. This is your simple checkout station.

Table Mount

Size Specification of 21.5” Single Sided Touch Screen Ordering Kiosks

Height: 67.71 inches (1720mm)
Width: 14 inches (355 mm)
Width Stainless Steel Counter: 26 inches (661 mm)
Depth: 3.18 inches (81 mm)
Depth Base: 15.74 inches (400 mm)
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Size Specification of 21.5” Single Sided Touch Screen Ordering Kiosks _ Counter Top Mount Model

Height: 33.68 inches (855.5mm)
Width: 13.9 inches (355 mm)
Depth Base: 13.77 inches (350 mm)
Angle: 15-degree.

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Size Specification of 21.5” Single Sided Touch Screen Ordering Kiosks _ Wall mount Model

Height: 32.67 inches (830mm)
Width: 13.9 inches (355 mm)
Depth: 3.18 inches (81 mm)

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Self Serve Checkout Kiosks for your Ecommerce Store

Check out our other models below.

24” Self Checkout Station

Our retail inspired Self Checkout Station 24" Capacitive Touch with Built-in Printer and stainless steel counter for larger shopping requirements.

Samsung Self Checkout Kiosk KM24A

Eflyn Self Checkout Kiosk Solution is now available on the new Samsung Kiosk. Use the new Samsung Kiosk with your Shopify or Square online store. Contact us to learn more.

Smart Vending Machine

Eflyn Robomarket Smart Micro Marketing Vending Machine Designed for Shopify Ecommerce

Shopify Self Checkout Kiosk Application Features

Here is a summary of some of the incredible features of the Eflyn Self Checkout Kiosk.

More ways to Shop

Support for Product Variants and Options

Browse and Search Collections

With full power of what collection you want to display on the Kiosk.

Inventory Tracking

Real time tracking of the inventory while your customer Shop on the self checkout kiosks.

Related Products

Fully integrated all-in-one self checkout system with smart display of Related Products.

Smart Local Caching

Help your customer browser faster than ever.

All In One Solution

Fully integrated all-in-one self checkout system for Shopify Stores.

Smart Concierge Selling

Enhance the customer experience and increase sales with Smart Concierge, an AI-powered Recommendation Engine designed to be simple and intuitive to use.

Smart Sync

Automatically syncs products, collections.

Scan & Go

Supports Grab, Scan and Go.

Multiple Ways to Order

Pickup Orders and Shipping / Delivery.

Full Self Checkout

In-person payment solution for Debit and Credit.

Digital Signage and Video Ads

Create ads, banners, posters and video ads and take full advantage of the premier digital signage module.

Marketing Leads

Spin To Win Marketing App to help you generate thousands of email leads

Did you catch all that? Let’s recap

Self Order Kiosk

21.5" Self Ordering Kiosk Flex Series for Restaurant & QSR

Starts from $8 a day

Eflyn Self Order Kiosk for QSR s the most affordable system in the world

Mobile . Online Order . Self Checkout & POS

A complete solution for QSR Restaurant offering your customers Self Order Kiosk, Mobile, and QR Code Orderings.

Capacitive Outdoor Touchscreen

Self Order Kiosk is equipped with an ultra-accurate PCAP touch screen technology.

On-Site Installation Services

We provide complete installation services through 100+ local partner firms with 500+ qualified staff.

Faster Checkout

Self Order Kiosk is designed with touchpoints that provide your customers a faster checkout

Maintenance Packages

We proudly support every machine we make through its life, offering some of the best parts, maintenance, and repair packages you’ll find anywhere.

Servicing & Parts

We stock most of the spare parts including assistance for obtaining obsolete parts. Our team of professional offer Industry-leading support and fast response time through, calls, live chat, and emails.

Eflyn Engineering

One of the biggest advantages of Eflyn Displays is the way we have engineered and constructed our machines. All the critical parts such as Touch Screen, Display Panel, Various Electronic Parts, Computer, and any other Electronic Parts are easy to replace and swap.

Powered by Windows 10 Pro

Kiosks are powered by built-in Intel PC using latest Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.

Eflyn Care+

Extended Warranty and Service Plans.

Large 21.5” High Brightness Screen

A new 1000 nits high brightness screen gives more life to the self order experience.

Higher Sales, Less Wait Time

Self Order Kiosks is designed to generate higher sales, less wait time, and faster checkout



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