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Eflyn Retail Self Checkout

A complete self checkout solution for Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Dollar Stores, Discount Stores, Ethnic Grocery, Gas Stations, and Supermarkets.

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Video presentation of the Eflyn Retail Self Checkout

Bending the cost curve

Reduce Labor Cost... Significantly

Self Serve Grocery Checkout helps cut down labor costs significantly. In a traditional setup at grocery self checkout or ethnic grocery store, you need one employee per cash register, Eflyn Self Service Grocery Checkout can run unmanned or you can allocate one staff member to assist customers across several checkout stations. Eflyn Self Service Grocery Checkout also has a built-in option if the customer chooses to be served.

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Scan . Bag . Pay

Giving control back to the consumer

Retail Self Checkout gives consumers a feeling of control. Today’s customers are asking for this option.

According to Prof. Zeithaml when customers are happy with the services provided, certain behaviors were evident including customer loyalty, willingness to pay higher prices.

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Spin To Win Contest Marketing

Spin To Win Contest Marketing App for Restaurants and QSR generate thousands of email leads. This is now part of our point of sales system on all our self order kiosks platforms.

Spin To Win is a fully customizable contest generator that lets you create, manage, and run competitions and giveaways on your self order kiosk. Reach customers in a fun and unique way with Spin the wheel ready-to-play on Eflyn Self Ordering Kiosks.

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71% |  People recommend brands that offer giveaways.

85% |  People who enter competitions share content from brands

Less Wait . Privacy . Faster Checkout

What Modern Customers Want

Modern Customers are no longer accustomed to long lines at checkout. They also prefer privacy and reduced contact.

$10 a day

The Most Affordable All-In-One Checkout Station In the World

Premium Checkout That You Can Actually Afford.

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Fully Integrated Digital Weighing Scale

An optional fully integrated self serve digital weight scale with the checkout station. It makes a tremendous difference in speeding up the checkout process. With the digital weight scale, your customers can ring up all items on the Self Checkout station including fruits and vegetables. Once your customer places the item onto the scale, look up and tap the item. The digital scale will automatically determine the price based on this collection unit price and weight information.

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Size Specification of Eflyn Retail Self Checkout Station

Height: 62.4 inches (1586mm)
Width: 15 inches (380 mm)
Width base : 17.7 inches (450 mm)

Shopify Self Checkout Kiosks Solution Features

Our Shopify Self Checkout Kiosks Features are designed to fit retailers of all sizes. Increase your revenue and save precious customer time!

Complete Checkout Station State of the art hardware

Complete Checkout Station with 24" high brightness touch screen, stainless steel counters, high speed scanner, payment mount and storage space.

Scan & Go

Supports Grab, Scan and Go.

Smart Sync

Automatically syncs products, collections.

Fully Integrated Digital Weighing Scale

Integrated Digital Weight Scale that detects the weights of items you put down on the counter

Full Self Checkout

In-person payment solution for Debit and Credit.

Digital Signage and Video Ads

Create ads, banners, posters and video ads and take full advantage of the premier digital signage module.

All In One Solution

Fully integrated all-in-one self checkout system for Shopify Stores.

Browse and Search Collections

With full power of what collection you want to display on the Kiosk.

Related Products

Fully integrated all-in-one self checkout system with smart display of Related Products.

Inventory Tracking

Real time tracking of the inventory while your customer Shop on the self checkout kiosks.

Spin To Win Marketing

Spin To Win Marketing App to help you generate thousands of email leads.

Smart Concierge Selling

Enhance the customer experience and increase sales with Smart Concierge, an AI-powered recommendation Engine designed to be simple and intuitive to use.

Smart Local Caching

Help your customer browser faster than ever

Multiple Ways to Order

Pickup Orders and Shipping / Delivery

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