Universal Digital Signage Software for Video Walls, Interactive Displays, Menu Boards, and Self Service Kiosks

CloudSignage is a powerful digital signage content management application that allows you to create, manage, and deploy engaging content across your screens from anywhere in the world. With an easy-to-use interface and a range of customizable templates, you can showcase your brand, promotions, and messages in an eye-catching and effective way.

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Why CloudSignage©

CloudSignage© is not an ordinary digital signage application. It's an entire suite of dynamic applications such as SpinToWin, SocialBoothPro, and EasyFind Pro (Wayfinding System). You can combine your ads with these dynamic/interactive modules and take your digital signage further than ever before. Utilizing these seamlessly designed apps will allow you to finally take full advantage of your digital signage investment!

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CloudSignage© Application Supports any Screen Size and Ratio

CloudSignage© Digital Signage Software is compatible with any screen. Touch or Non-Touch Floor Standing or Wallmountable Displays, Stretch LCD/LED Displays, multiple TV panels for Menu board systems to large scale video walls, Outdoor Menu board or Drive Thru Systems, or indoor/outdoor wayfinding systems.

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Remotely manage your kiosks and content anytime and anywhere!

Login to CloudSignage© app to view and manage your entire digital signage fleet. You can get live previews of kiosk content to review before pushing it into production. CloudSignage© users can search, sort, and organize any number of screens and kiosks.

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CloudSignage© Digital Menu Boards

Create and manage your digital menu with the following features:

  • Pre-designed Eye-Catching digital menu board templates for QSR, Cafe Menu Boards, Coffee Menu boards, Other Restaurant Menu boards, and Outdoor Menu Boards.
  • Templates designed for 1-5 and more tv screens or video wall panels
  • Upload and arrange images, videos, slideshows, text, nutritional information, and more
  • Update pricing, deals, combos, and offers.
  • Ask us about our complete solution of digital menu boards for restaurants.

Seamless and Secure Content Updates

CloudSignage© backend connects to Eflyn Player, our incredibly powerful desktop application -designed to seamlessly load your content on digital signage players. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and securely deliver new content from your Computer to your entire digital signage fleet.

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Tamper Prevention Technology

Protecting brand reputation is a primary concern with technology that directly serves the public. E-Suite digital signage content management software includes lockdown provisions to prevent tampering with your public displays. One of these provisions is an unavoidable secret PIN requirement from an Administrator to unlock the kiosk.

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LDSS (Localized Digital Signage Server)

The Localized Digital Signage Server (LDSS) provides on-location caching and delivery for digital signage software. LDSS also provides better security and performance for enterprise-level digital signage management.

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The #1 content management software for digital signage, interactive kiosks and video walls

Design custom interactive layouts with a variety of apps and widgets

Schedule digital signage advertising and games by time-of-day, day-of-week and up to months in advance

Set up advertising loops during the day at custom-defined intervals

Custom apps and games like Spin to Win, Card Matching and Photobooth are powerful tools for lead generation and customer engagement

Easily Manage Video and LED Walls

Take mind-bending control of multi-screen content. Split your content into multiple frames and stretch it across any number of screens with your built-in layout controls. You can even schedule content rotations for each individual screen.

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Capture Limitless Leads with Market-Tested Games and Apps

MatchCard© The touch screen kiosk game that delivers results

Sets up a grid of customized cards with images on the flip side. Users who enter have 1 minute to tap, flip, and match as many pairs of cards as they can. Top scores can be awarded prizes.

SpinToWin© Transforming marketing with interactivity & fun

A wheel-of-fortune-like game that people can enter to win prizes. They can either play for points (i.e., most points at the end of the week wins) or for actual prizes (each wedge of the wheel is a prize like a t-shirt or a pen).

SocialBooth Pro© The ultimate social photo experience that also generates leads

SocialBooth Pro© helps you quickly setup your own digital photobooth almost anywhere. See an immediate boost in your online engagement by letting customers post photos of your product and brand to social networks!

Better Digital Signage Starts Here

With support for multiple content types, digital signage has never been easier.

  • Supports any screen size and ratio
  • Create custom layouts with multiple content frames
  • Save your templates and campaigns for future use
  • Layer types for signage include text, videos, images and iframes
  • Load external content inside posters with secured iframes
  • Add hyperlinking to make static posters interactive
  • Layers can hyperlink to images, videos, PDFs and external web pages
  • New! Now supports LCDs of all shapes including Eflyn Stretch LCD Technology”

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Already in Google Slides?

CloudSignage integration with Google Slides makes it easy to present your presentation slides, advertising posters, animations, and videos. It allows you visually display your content and story in a much easier and faster way.

Stream Live TV with Adjacent Advertising

With embeddable live, Radically improve the effectiveness of digital signage advertising with embeddable live streams. Ask us about supported streaming services.

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Empower Teachers and Students to Interact and Collaborate

With schools adopting BYOD programs and encouraging the use of technology to aid learning, schools have now have limitless opportunities for digital engagement with students.

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Enterprise features for Kiosk Management at Scale

Cast Instantly

Split Screen

Touchscreen Option

CRM Integrations

Multi-Level User Management


Advertising for Apps and the Web

Remote Desktop

Custom Development

Check out our other Kiosks Applications

ShopEase© Self Checkout Application for in person shopping for Shopify Retailers

QuickServeNow© Application for restaurant and qsr self-serve checkout

EasyFind Pro© Digital directory, wayfinding system, advertisement, and events system

Did you catch all that? Let’s recap

Single & Multiple Ads

Design Single and Multiple Ad Campaigns with complete-time scheduling.

Eflyn EasyFind Pro

Display your corporate Digital Directories with a complete info system and phone dialing and a fully interactive Wayfinding system using Eflyn EasyFind Pro app.

Nonprofit & School Fundraising

Promo Campaigns

Display Promotions, Campaigns, and Flash Sales.

News & TV Shows

Video Uploads and YouTube Links

Community Board

Spin To Win Contest Marketing App

State-of-the-art Contest Marketing and Lead Generation App for your Touch Screen Digital Signage. An additional License is required.

Video Wall Contents for Retail Store, Hospitality and Sports Bars

Layers can hyperlink to images, videos, and PDFs

External web pages

Stream Live TV

Broadcast Live TV Using Our Partner Streaming Engine. Contact us for more information.

Interactive Presentations



Want to learn about digital signage? How about self-serve kiosks or setting up your own video wall? Learn from one of our digital engagement experts about the latest in interactive display technologies and software.

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