Eflyn 32" Self Order Kiosks Pro Series
Designed for Fast Food Restaurant, QSR and Retail

Eflyn 32 Self Order Kiosk Pro series comes with a high brightness 32” Capacitive Touch Screen. Built-in Honeywell scanner, a front-loading printer, UPS, a powerful windows computer, MET certified.

21.5" Self Order Kiosk Max Series

Powerful self-order machine in a smaller/slimmer design. comes with a scanner, front-loading printer, high-brightness 21.5” capacitive touch screen, windows computer, and MET certified.

21.5" Self Ordering Kiosk Flex Series from Eflyn

Eflyn Flex series will be a great addition to any QSR, Retail, or Grocery store as it is designed with additional accessories such as stainless steel counter, countertop mount, wall mount brackets, and floor standing base. Flex is a great fit your any business.

Say hello to the world’s 1st fully featured 24" Outdoor Self Order Kiosk(Patent Pending)

Eflyn 24" Outdoor Self Order Kiosks (Patent Pending) supports a wide variety of industries and businesses such as parks & recreation, nurseries, and gardening centers, beach resorts, outdoor bar & patio, outdoor restaurants, drive-in theaters, golf courses, food trucks transportation, gas stations, zoo and other types of outdoor ticketing and bill-payment solution.

The world’s first outdoor Self Order Kiosk 21.5" Kantina Designed for Food Trucks
Food Truck owners dream just come true

That’s right, your much-awaited dream of a self-checkout kiosk in your food truck has just come true. Eflyn is now offering a complete IP55 Rated High Brightness, 21.5” Kantina Outdoor Self Checkout Kiosk with a powerful and robust food truck point of sale system.

Retail Self Checkout Station 24" Capacitive Touch with Built-in Printer and stainless steel counter
Rethink Retail

Giving control back to the consumer. A complete self checkout solution for Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Dollar Stores, Discount Stores, Ethnic Grocery, Gas Stations, and Supermarkets.

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