Self Order Kiosks For QSR and Restaurants

Your business needs self-checkout kiosks to increase productivity, higher revenue, shorter lines, increase order check size, order accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Book a video call today and check out various models and software capabilities.

University Campus Dining Self-Checkout Solution

Incorporating Eflyn's QuickServe Now self-serve checkout kiosks in university dining campuses brings about a multitude of features and benefits that enhance both the student dining experience and operational efficiency.

32" Self Order Kiosks Pro Series for Fast Food Restaurant and QSR

Elevate your QSR business with the Eflyn Self Order Kiosks Pro Series, expertly designed to boost revenue, enhance order check size, improve order accuracy, and elevate customer satisfaction.

15.6" Self-Order Kiosks for Quick Service Restaurants

Enhance efficiency and customer experience in your quick-service restaurant with our 15.6" fully featured self-order kiosks. Streamline ordering, reduce wait times, and boost satisfaction. Discover how Eflyn's solutions can revolutionize your QSR business.

Revolutionize Quick Service Dining with 21.5" Self-Order Kiosks

Elevate your quick service restaurant's efficiency and customer experience with our powerful 21.5" fully featured self-order kiosks. Streamline orders, reduce wait times, and enhance customer satisfaction. Discover how Eflyn's innovative solutions can reshape your QSR business.

Samsung Kiosk Model KM24A Powered By Eflyn Self Order Solution for QSR & Fast Casual

This beautiful Samsung Kiosk Model KM24A Powered By Eflyn Self Order Solution for QSR & Fast Casual model comes with a high brightness 24” Capacitive Touch Screen. The Samsung Kiosk adopts a modular design that provides a variety of payment options including credit card, barcode, QR code, and NFC, along with a built-in printer.

21.5" Self Ordering Kiosk Max Series for Fast Food Restaurant and QSR

Powerful self-order machine in a smaller/slimmer design. comes with a scanner, front-loading printer, high-brightness 21.5” capacitive touch screen, windows computer, and MET certified.

21.5" Outdoor Self Checkout Kiosks - IP-65 Rated

Experience innovation with Eflyn's IP-65 rated 21.5" Outdoor Self Checkout Kiosks. Shop, pay, and explore in the great outdoors with our fully featured kiosks, designed to withstand the elements while enhancing customer convenience.

Say hello to the world’s 1st fully featured 21.5" Outdoor Self Order Kiosk - Black Color

Eflyn 21.5" Outdoor Self Order Kiosks support a wide variety of industries and businesses such as parks & recreation, nurseries, gardening centers, beach resorts, outdoor bar & patio, outdoor restaurants, drive-in theaters, golf courses, food trucks transportation, gas stations, zoo and other types of outdoor ticketing and bill-payment solution.

Self Checkout Kiosk Solution for Bubble Tea & Boba Restaurants

Unlock the full potential of your Bubble Tea and Boba Shop with self-checkout kiosk solutions. Discover the ultimate in flexibility, convenience, and customization. Explore Eflyn's turnkey solutions for your bubble tea café or ice cream restaurant today.

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