The Social Media Integrated PhotoBooth.

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Everyday Millions Of Photos are Shared Through Popular Social Networks.

Social Media today is all about sharing experiences. With the Socialbooth Pro, you can quickly set up your own digital photobooth almost anywhere. See an immediate boost in your online engagement by letting customers post photos of their experience with your product or services directly to social networks!

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Take Unlimited high quality photos

Fully automated photo taking kiosk

Send photos and collect leads with e-mail

Instantly share photos on social networks

Customize your photobooth theme

Brand engagement with custom filters

Digital Marketing

Social Media And Email Marketing.

Every day millions upon millions of photos are shared through popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Today’s top media and marketing companies realize the power that sharing photos have to turn people into raving fans of their businesses. The Socialbooth Pro lets users take photos and share them on Facebook and Twitter. They can also send photos via e-mail, allowing you to collect leads in ane engaging new way.

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Key Features

Fully Automated With Custom Frames

The SocialBooth Pro is a fully automated digital photobooth. Your users will love getting a chance to take photos with their friends at your place of business. Afterward, users can choose from a variety of custom frames to stylize their photos. Photos can be uploaded to your brand’s page on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and many other supported platforms. From their users can like, share and tag themselves in their photos, giving you the ability to reach a much wider audience of fans and potential customers online.

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SocialBooth Pro is Fully Customizable.

A fully customizable touch screen digital signage application that lets you customize the interface with your corporate branding.

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Change the countdown before each photo

Design and deploy custom scannable promotions.

Customize photo and frame size

Choose your opt-in messaging

Schedule the photoBooth with ads or other media

Customize the photo e-mail with your promotions

Manually approve which photos

Capture a variety of user data incl.


Socialbooth Pro Can Also Record HD Videos.

The Socialbooth Pro is also capable of recording high-definition video. Use this advanced feature to record client testimonials, or engage event attendees with fun questions. Videos can instantly be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and through E-Mail. All videos are saved for you in high-quality to use in future productions as well.

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SocialBooth Pro is loaded with useful features.

Photo Sharing

Post photos to Facebook, Twitter and more instantely from the kiosk.

Custom Frames & Filters

Choose your own custom frames, filters and props to stylize your photos.

Automated Kiosk

The Socialbooth is a fully-automated, Do-It-Yourself system for photo-taking.

Watermarks and Branding

Add company logos, watermarks and more to each uploaded photo.

Photo Slideshow

Previous photos are shown in a beautiful slideshow on the main screen.

Real-time Updates

Get the latest features and improved performance as soon as updates are released.

Management App

Easily manage your Socialbooth Pro with our quick and simple management app.

Synchronized Changes

See your changes appear instantly on all your kiosks with live syncing.

Ads and Media Support

Customize Socialbooth Pro with media such as images, video ads or poster

Customize the UI

Socialbooth’s interface is fully customizable with your brand’s colors and logos.

Schedule Your Games

Start and stop your games automatically with full day/time scheduling.

Animated/User-friendly UI

The interface is designed to be intuitive with a simple design and fully-animated UI.

Capture Any Data

Socialbooth can capture any data, such as names, e-mails, phone number, etc.

Change Wait Time

Easily change the length of the delay before the photo is automatically taken.

Multiple Kiosks

You can have multiple kiosks running the photobooth at the same time.

Sound & Animations

Socialbooth uses sound effects and animations for a more captivating experience.

Export Your Data

Socialbooth can capture any data, such as names, e-mails, phone number, etc.

Analytics & Reports

Track what your users are doing and get intelligent reports about Socialbooth usage.

Secured for Public

Socialbooth Pro is fully locked down to ensure that it can’t be tampered with in public.

Offline Support

With offline support, the app can be used in areas with limited internet access.

Custom Programming

Can be extended with additional functionality. Ask about programming rates.

Wake/Sleep Timing

Control when your Socialbooth should startup during the day and go to sleep at night.

Run on Multiple Platforms

Supports Windows, OS X and Linux systems, as well as mobile platforms.

Variety of Displays

From digital kiosks to tablets, Socialbooth can work with any display type and size.



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