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Dive into our extensive media gallery, featuring stunning visuals of Eflyn's cutting-edge kiosk solutions. Browse through photos, videos, renderings, and mockups that highlight our innovation and creativity. Select categories from the dropdown menu to easily find what interests you.

University Campus Dining Self-Checkout Solution

Incorporating Eflyn's QuickServe Now self-serve checkout kiosks in university dining campuses brings about a multitude of features and benefits that enhance both the student dining experience and operational efficiency.

QuickServeNow© Self Serve Checkout Application for quick-service restaurants

QuickServeNow© is a powerful self-serve checkout solution for quick service restaurants and retailers.

21.5" Retail Self Checkout Station with counter powered by Eflyn ShopEase

Rethink Retail. A complete self checkout solution for Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Dollar Stores, Discount Stores, Ethnic Grocery, Gas Stations, and Supermarkets.

Revolutionize Retail Operations with Samsung Self Checkout Kiosks Integrated with Eflyn ShopEase

This innovative solution combines the advanced hardware of the Samsung KM24A kiosk with the proprietary features of ShopEase to create a comprehensive, unmanned self-serve checkout solution for Shopify retailers.

Mobile QSR Solution QuickServeNow

Our mobile web ordering platform is the lightest, fastest and least annoying way to order food!

R1-188 Robomarket Smart Vending Machine Max Series

Discover the R1-i88 Max Premium Micromarket Vending Machine, designed to elevate your business with its advanced features and optional Dual Top Ads Screens.

Self Checkout Kiosk Solution for Bubble Tea & Boba Restaurants

Unlock the full potential of your Bubble Tea and Boba Shop with self-checkout kiosk solutions. Discover the ultimate in flexibility, convenience, and customization. Explore Eflyn's turnkey solutions for your bubble tea café or ice cream restaurant today.

Robomarket Smart Vending Machine Outdoor Series with Optional Smart Locker

Robomarket Smart Vending Machine Outdoor Series with Optional Smart Locker is a medium size unattended micro market. It comes with a fully interactive 21.5” capacitive touchscreen. Customers select what they want to buy on the touch screen, the screen will prompt you to insert your debit/credit card and once the transaction is approved the robotics pickers will retrieve the product and drop it in the dispensing box.

World’s First Fully Featured IP-55 Rated Smart EV Charging Station

GE300 Series is the world's most advanced capacitive touch screen digital kiosk you can use for much more than just EV charging. Advertise vendors, take orders, sell from your Shopify store, and so much more, all from the same incredible system.

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