Outdoor Displays with EV Chargers

Eflyn GE300 and GE350 series scalable architecture is the ultimate EV charging solution, bringing you a promising investment. Equipped with High Brightness Outdoor Interactive Displays, it gives a new life to traditional advertising, product promotion, and brand awareness. GE300 is also equipped with a complete point-of-sale application that provides contactless payment technology.

Outdoor Displays with EV Chargers

World’s First Fully Featured IP-55 Rated Smart EV Charging Station

GE300 Series is the world's most advanced capacitive touch screen digital kiosk you can use for much more than just EV charging. Advertise vendors, take orders, sell from your Shopify store, and so much more, all from the same incredible system.

GE350 MaxCharge Smart EV Charging Station

The world's most advanced outdoor interactive digital signage, two 240-Volt 40 Amp Level 2 EV charging adapters with an 18ft Extension Cord. Use it for so much more than just EV charging, advertising, displaying interactive campaigns, events calendars, or an interactive wayfinding system.

Fully Featured IP-65 Rated Smart EV Charging Station and Interactive Digital Signage 2-in-1 V8E Series

All-in-one Outdoor Kiosk for Advertising, Directory, Wayfinding, and EV Charging.

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