21.5" Flex Series Fundraising Mission Kiosk: Redefining Fundraising Convenience and Impact

Step into the future of fundraising with the Flex 21.5" Mission Kiosk, your gateway to effortless, self-serve donations for your noble cause. This cutting-edge kiosk eliminates the need for cashiers or volunteers, enabling supporters to contribute seamlessly.

15.6" Unmanned Fundraising Mission Kiosk Flex Series

Unlock the power of our fully integrated donation and fundraising platform, tailored for self-service kiosks and mobile web. This all-encompassing fundraising solution places your mission at the forefront of impact.

Eflyn Introduces UniversalPay CashBox for Flex Series Self-Order Kiosks

Discover how Eflyn's UniversalPay CashBox enhances payment options and expands the reach of self-order kiosks with dual-currency acceptance. Tailored exclusively for the Flex Series, this innovative solution unlocks new payment opportunities across various industries.

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