Smart Unattended Micro Retail Establishment

Elevate Your Vending Experience with the Robomarket Smart Vending Machine Max Series R1-i88 and Eflyn ShopEase for Shopify Retailers

Video Presentation of the Robomarket Smart Micro Market Vending Machine

Unattended Micro Market, Next-level vending solution

Our Robomarket machines come with built-in smart sensors that are fully integrated with the Shopify API, streamlining the management of products and dispensing. This innovative technology enables a convenient and efficient way to manage your micro market, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Robomarket with Digital Signage Revenue & Marketing Opportunities

Eflyn Robomarket Smart Vending Machines offer a variety of revenue and marketing opportunities through the use of optional digital signage kits. These kits include both software and hardware components, and are strategically engineered with a set of dual 32″ HD digital screens placed horizontally to provide your customers with an engaging and unique experience.

The digital signage kit is complemented by Eflyn’s built-in digital signage cloud software CloudSignage, allowing you to control and schedule your digital signage campaigns from anywhere in the world to any or all of our smart micro markets. With CloudSignage, you can share branded content, on-screen messages, video marketing, or even generate additional revenue by selling advertising space on your digital screens.

Take advantage of this innovative technology to enhance your customer engagement and increase revenue streams. Choose the Eflyn Robomarket Smart Vending Machine with CloudSignage for a cutting-edge micro market solution.

Robomarket Top Features

  • 80% Sales Adaptability
  • More than 80% of the products sold in Convenience Stores
  • 14-Sec. Ultrafast Response In just 14 seconds customer purchase is completed
  • 96% Space Usage High Space Usage of up to 96%
  • 15.52 ft2 Footprint Small footprint suits most indoor applications
  • 300 Bottles 60 bottles (max 65mm) Shelf, 5 Shelves in total

Technical Features

  • X-Y Robot Arm Vending Machine
  • Designed for unattended retailing
  • 21.5” Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor
  • Windows 10 - i5/8GB computer
  • Adjustable Slots
  • Transparent Window
  • 10” Pickup Bucket
  • Forma Wheel Foot Leveling
  • Credit Card Terminal/NFC/Apple/Google Pay
  • All Steel Metal Fuselage 1.5mm thickening Steel Plate
  • Automatic Positioning XE axis automatic positioning
  • Huge Capacity upto 140 slots
  • Friendly pickup bucket, no need to stoop down. Fingers Protected
  • Robotic Delivery, Steady Delivery, Safe and Anti-Falling
  • Large Cabinet Door Clear Display
  • Horizontal Pushing Slots, Special goods can be sold
  • Size H:1970mm, W:1440mm, D:980mm
  • Weight 516 Kgs
  • Selections 84 Choices
  • Capacity 539 To 819 Pcs
  • Shelves 6
  • Power: AC110V/220V-240V, 50-60HZ
  • Protocols: MDB/DEX/RS232
  • Wide range of products of irregular/ultra-thin/soft packaging/strip
  • Lasing ranging (option) and web-based dashboard can counting inventory on shelf
  • Interactive Touch Screen, 7 to 21.5”
  • Built-in Camera & Speaker
  • BLDC Motor with 250,000 times of dispensing
  • Sturdy Steel Construction with durable powder coating surfaces for years of service
  • Thermostat (optional) to keep food fresh constantly

Micro Market Growth Is Explosive

A micro market is an unattended retail establishment and the potential is vast. It’s not simply the next generation of vending. According to a study conducted by Bachtell and Associates1, micro market sales can be double or even triple that of vending machines, and the average micro market generates $50,000 in revenue annually. Micro markets are expected to generate $1.6 billion over the next 10 years.


  • Condo Residences
  • Subway Station
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Hotels/Motel/Resort
  • Chaoplay
  • Shopping Mall
  • Parks & Recreation

With interactive Touch Screens, you can take digital signage to a whole new level

Eflyn free-standing digital displays come with powerful multi-touch screens that enable a wide variety of interactive applications. Take a look at a few of the many apps that are designed to work with this new technology.

Robomarket Vending Machine Insight

Size Specification of Robomarket Smart Micro Market Vending Machine Slim Series

Height: 89.13 inches (2264mm)
Width: 51.18 inches (1300 mm)
Depth: 32.83 inches (834 mm)

Size Specification of Robomarket Smart Vending Machine Max Series

Height: 95.3 inches (2420mm)
Width: 70.86 inches (1800 mm)
Depth: 36.1 inches (917.56 mm)

Size Specification of Robomarket Vending Machine without top

Height: 75.35 inches (1914mm)
Width: 51.18 inches (1300 mm)
Depth: 32.83 inches (834 mm)



Want to learn about digital signage? How about self-serve kiosks or setting up your own video wall? Learn from one of our digital engagement experts about the latest in interactive display technologies and software.

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