Custom card matching games for your next promotion.

Quick Match is a marketing app from Eflyn that runs on all types of touch screen digital signage kiosks. This is an excellent custom card matching and lead-generating gaming app for your retail customer experience, next promotion, or tradeshow exhibition.

This is a digital version of the popular card game in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards and quickly as you can!

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Quick Match is The Easiest Way To Bring Massive Traffic To Your Promotions.

Magically create any custom card matching game using our specialized software and have it ready for your audience in minutes. Customize cards with images and text, create as many cards as you’d like, and track customer data. Quick Match is Eflyn’s latest lead generating app to run competitions and giveaways on your digital display kiosk.

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Unlimited Games and Customizations

Capture user data like names, e-mail, phone and more

Share results on Social Media

Web Manager

Easily Manage Your Card Matching Games.

With the quick and simple management app, you can create, manage and run competitions and giveaways on your digital display kiosk. See your changes appear instantly on all your kiosks with live syncing. Start and stop your games automatically with full day/time scheduling.

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Fully Animated With Sound Effects

Every game is an experience. Quick Match has animations, sound effects and live high scores, delivering a full arcade-experience. delivers a great completely random and fully-animated to deliver a great experience.

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Take a look at all the features Quick Match has to offer. Customize your games and capture the data you want.

Management App

Easily manage your Socialbooth Pro with our quick and simple management app.

Synchronized Changes

See your changes appear instantly on all your kiosks with live syncing.

Real-time Updates

Get the latest features and improved performance as soon as updates are released.

Ads and Media Support

Customize Socialbooth Pro with media such as images, video ads or poster

Customize the UI

Socialbooth’s interface is fully customizable with your brand’s colors and logos.

Schedule Your Games

Start and stop your games automatically with full day/time scheduling.

Animated and Randomized Spins

Every spin is completely random and fully animated to deliver a great experience.

Capture Any Data

Socialbooth can capture any data, such as names, e-mails, phone numbers, etc.

Show Current Player

When a player spins, Spin To Win will show their name live on display.

Register Player On Multiple Devices

Use a laptop, phone, or tablet to register your players with our web app. You can queue as many players as you want to also fully lock down to ensure that it can’t be tampered with in public.

Sound & Animations

Socialbooth uses sound effects and animations for a more captivating experience.


Elevate Customer Engagement with Quick Match Competition Games

Quick Match, our interactive competition game app for touch screen digital signage kiosks, adds a fun and engaging twist to customer interactions. Contact us today to level up your customer engagement!

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