Wall Mountable Multi-Touch Interactive Screens

Digital Signage and Directory
for Businesses


The perfect solution for businesses who require a rugged display for heavily trafficked areas. The Eflyn Interactive Wall mountable digital signage is the most reliable, elegant, and flexible commercial touchscreen on the market, with the lowest cost of ownership and highest guaranteed up-times.
Breakthrough Engineering

Breakthrough Engineering

Every aspect of the display
is precision-built to deliver
the best experience.

Capacitve Touch Display

Capacitve Touch Display

Like iPhone, the capacitve
touch screen delivers
superior performance.

Built-In Computer

Built-In Computer

Access the full power of a
desktop computer, built
intelligently into the display

Commercial Grade

Commercial Grade

Engineered for commercial
installaton and long-term
strenuous use.

Our Wall Mountable
Displays are made for you.

Eflyn’s Wall Mountable Displays are for all interested, mostly targeting businesses and institutions who wish to attract passersby and provide accessible information to those in the vicinity. These Wall Mounted Displays can be a small representation but of big impact for your company.

Our Interactive Multi-Touch Wall Mounted Screens are invitingly modern and slick and would fit perfectly with any business. To help you choose the right one, we have designed and manufactured the Wall Mountable Displays in many sizes for you to choose from.

Mount the display either in portrait or landscape.

Eflyn Application’s with
Wall Mounted Displays

At Eflyn, we can provide you with custom apps and software that can be installed and used on the Wall Mounted Displays. The Interactive Wall Mountable Displays can be used as:

  • Digital Signage – Which showcases yourmproducts/merchandisethrough videos/images and posters.
  • Directory Listings – Filled with contact information of a specificindividual, room, title and/or category.
  • Easyfind Pro – Navigational app which guides guests andpersonnel with animated instructions through the buildingright to their destination.
  • Socialbooth Pro – Your own digital photobooth.Let customers post photos directly to social media platforms.
  • Spin To Win – Customizable contest generator that lets youcreate, manage and run competitions and giveaways.Reach customers in a fun and unique way, ready-to-play.

After finalizing an app, we’ll even brand it with your company making the Wall Mountable display a part of your identity.

Our Wall Mountable
Displays are made for you.

Regardless of the app you choose, you will have the freedom to create, edit and upload your content immediately through our SAIGON app. Eflyn’s SAIGON app is a content management system built for managing your content easily.

If you are faraway, don’t fear because SAIGON can be accessed remotely through a PC or laptop with the help of wi-fi connection. Once finished, instantly update all your content to the Wall Mounted Displays like magic. It’s as easy as that.

Unit Features

  • Fully Interactive Multi-Touch Screen
  • 802.11 b/g/n WIFI
  • Windows 10 or Android Operating Systems
  • Built with 6mm Tempered Glass and Commercial LCD display
  • Mounting by VESA standard for flexibility of installation
  • Mount on wood or concrete
  • Rugged vandal-proof stainless steel housing with simple design
  • Secure equipment vault with key/lock for I/O interface and USB ports

Application Features

  • Remote display management via LAN/Internet remote updating of media fles and playlists
  • Support for Video and Images in all formats
  • Access to thousands of apps built for Android and Windows OS
  • Interactive Directory Listings
  • Use with Eflyn’s line of marketing apps:Socialbooth Pro, Spin To Win, Saigon CMS andEasyfnd Wayfnding software
  • Optional 3G / 4G Internet
USB Icon


Our displays comes with ports such as ethernet, HDMI, USB and power on/off reboot buttons. All inside a secured window with key and lock.
Eflyn Wallmountable Kiosk Close up of Door with Key and Lock
Air Vents Icon

Air Vents

Display comes with industrial Air Vents to keep the processor cool and make it run for 24/7/365 days a year
Eflyn Wallmountable Kiosk Close up of Air Vents
Wifi Icon

Wifi Antenna

These displays comes with a powerful and hidden WIFI antenna.
Eflyn Wallmountable Kiosk Close up of Wifi Antenna
Lock Icon

Secure locks

Our displays are made to be used in public areas. The only access area that is available is secured with a unique key and lock
Eflyn Wallmountable Kiosk Close up of Secure Locks
Hole Icon

Hole for cables for a flush to the wall installation

We have designed the back cover of our wallmounts with hole in the back to help you with a complete level or flush to the wall installation.
Eflyn Wallmountable Kiosk Close up of Hole for Cables for a Flush
Holes Icon

Additional hole for cables

We have also made additional hole in the pocket area for cables. This is well suited when you need the cables to come out from the bottom instead of the back.
Eflyn Wallmountable Kiosk Additional-hole-for-cables

Wall Mountable Interactive
Size Specifications

Wall Mountable Interactive
Size Comparison

Wall Mountable Interactive
Size Comparison

KIOSK MODEL:  Efyn Wall Mountable Interactive Screen
SIZES:  21.5”, 43”, 55”
OPERATING SYSTEM:  Windows 10/ Android Operating Systems
PC SPECS:  120GB SSD, 8GB RAM, i3 (upgrade options available)
FEATURES:  Secure equipment vault with key/lock for I/O interface and USB ports, wall installation ready, 10 point multi-touch display, stainless steel housing, fully enclosed and secure cabinet.

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