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Revolutionize Navigation: How EasyFind Pro is Transforming the Way We Find Our Way

Eflyn’s EasyFind Pro is a comprehensive wayfinding application, specially developed for indoor and outdoor interactive touch screen kiosks. It doesn’t matter if your visitors are exploring shopping malls, airports, hospitals, university campuses, or office complexes; our innovative technology provides a hassle-free and intuitive navigation experience.


Find Places at the Touch of a Button.

As an operator of a large retailer, hotel, or office complex, directing visitors to where they need to go can be a daunting task. With Easyfind, you can simplify this process by providing users with a number of search and filtering options. Our app allows users to find places at the touch of a button by searching for room numbers or using keywords in the combined search and filter bar. This feature-packed app offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that visitors will love, allowing them to easily navigate your facility and find what they need. With Easyfind, you can provide your visitors with a stress-free and enjoyable experience, making them want to come back time and time again.

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Customized UI — designed to fit elegantly into your brand strategy

Our software engineers will develop an attractive custom user interface to fit elegantly into your brand strategy.


Get Better Directions with Animated Instructions

Everytime a user locates a room with the Easyfind Pro, they will get animated directions to the destination from the user’s starting point. With fully animated instructions such as zooming, walking and path-drawing, your users will find it simple and intuitive to find their way to any destination.

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Your Changes made live, anytime and anywhere

See your changes appear instantly on all your Easyfind kiosks with live syncing. The easy-to-use directory manager can let you make changes like editing listings, updating rooms and so much more, all from any computer or smartphone. Any changes you make are updated live on each of your kiosks, so you can manage your digital directory from anywhere, anytime.

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Integrate Ads, Events and Directory Lists

Our digital wayfinding system, Easyfind Pro, allows you to integrate ads, events, and directory lists seamlessly. With our advanced platform, you can display real-time advertisements and promote upcoming events, making your visitors more engaged and informed. Our directory lists also provide valuable information about your products and services, making it easier for visitors to find what they need. By using Easyfind Pro, you can create a smarter and more interactive visitor experience that they will love. This feature-packed wayfinding application is designed to help you generate more revenue and improve customer satisfaction, making it a must-have for any facility.

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Did you catch all that? Let’s recap

EasyFind Pro Fully-featured Touch Screen Wayfinding

A fully-featured smart indoor and outdoor wayfinding interactive kiosks application that allows your visitors to easily navigate around airports, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, university campuses and office complexes.

Customized UI - designed to fit elegantly into your brand strategy

Our team of software engineers will develop an attractive custom user interface to fit elegantly into your brand strategy.

Animated Directions

Move a View with point-by-point animated directions. We believe that well-designed animations can contribute significantly to the appeal and user-friendliness of finding directions.

Benefits driven Advertising Revenue Stream

Schedule posters, images and videos to run in a loop Additional revenue stream

Accessibility Mode

Enables wheelchair users to navigate the app while seated. With our primary UX and a secondary accessible UX we ensure compliance with ADA and European Telecommunications Standards.

Multi-Level Directions

Multi-building, multi-floor, multi-step, elevators and cross-campus support with indoor and outdoor positioning. Easy to navigate this feature allows you easy hand-off of the multi-level direction on your mobile and simple floor-by-floor guidance with on-screen popup maps.


Multi-lingual support for maps, contents and pop-ups.

Events Calendar

Stream events and daily information directly from a shared calendar and wayfinder will intelligently show the info with directions!

Painless Search & Navigation

Easy-to-use UI for search and navigation. Painless, powerful search with on-screen keyboard, smooth scrolling, hot buttons and short links. Result in Alphabetical order, jump navigation feature with hyperlink alphabets.

Mobile Handoff

Enables users to take save directions instantly from kiosk-to-phone


Give users quick access to most popular locations on-location

Unified Content Back End

Powerful Centralized, Intuitive Content Management System that powers your interactive digital kiosks.

Native Integrations

Complete native integrations from third-party sources including events calendars, widgets and social media.


Effortless Navigation and More with EasyFind Pro©

Explore the possibilities of EasyFind Pro©, a versatile digital directory, wayfinding, advertisement, and events platform. Connect with us to enhance navigation and engagement in your space.

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