Live Stream Meeting Kiosk

Next Generation Video Conferencing. The only kiosk on wheels that can turn any room of your office into a video conferencing room. Being able to sit at the right distance make longer calls much more comfortable.

Your Meeting. Your Way.

Everything you need for professional video conferencing in an elegant floor standing structure.

Stream HD Meetings

Experience sharp, detailed video meetings on a brilliant full-sized HD display.

Free standing Design

Built vertically to conserve space and deliver a more human experience.

Plug 'N' Play

With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Multitouch, the Meeting Kiosk only needs power to start.

Multitouch Display

Meeting Kiosk brings the tablet experience to the big-screen with a multitouch.

Built-in Computer

Access the power of a desktop computer built-in. Available with Windows 10 or Android.

Move with Wheels

Meeting Kiosk comes with locking wheels to make it a truly mobile display. The easy roll about design is ideal for offices where maneuverability is of high importance.

Available in a Variety of Sizes

Available in a Variety of Sizes

Multi-touch Display

Multi-touch Display

HD 1080p or 4K Displays

HD 1080p or 4K Displays

Free-standing or Wall-mounted

Free-standing or Wall-mounted

Microsoft Windows 10 or Android OS

Microsoft Windows 10 or Android OS

High-Brightness 24/7 Displays

High-Brightness 24/7 Displays

Interactive Applications

More than just powerful video conferencing.

Use the Meeting Kiosk for more than just its incredible video conferencing capability. Some of the great productive ways you can use Meeting Kiosk include:

Powered by Eflyn Display Technology

The Meeting Kiosk is powered by Eflyn digital displays and interactive technologies. The unique close-up format will bring your video meetings to life. Eflyn’s state-of-the-art displays deliver sharp HD 1080p resolution on high-brightness screens.

Every Meeting Kiosk has a built-in IR multitouch screen that supports upto 6 touchpoints. The kiosk features a built-in PC running Windows 10, Intel i5 Processor, 500GB Hard Drive and 8GB of RAM. The PC is removable for upgrades or troubleshooting.

Input via HDMI, VGA or Composite Video

4xUSB 3.0 and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi

Multimedia incl. video, images, websites, etc.

Access to thousands of great apps

A screen that’s always where you need it.

Every meeting kiosk comes with 4 standard indoor wheels that have built-in brakes. The wheels are easily screwed in to the base. Easily move around your kiosks and put them in any location you want, and use the locks to stabilize the entire unit.

Brilliant video captured at any angle.

The FlexAngle camera mount is the exclusive professional webcam housing system built for the Meeting Kiosk. This exclusive state-of-the-art mount can securely house a large variety of HD webcams. It can easily be adjusted for pan, tilt and zoom. It can also be rotated upto 90 degrees to support a variety of camera angle scenarios.

Durable and Secure Camera Mount.

Provides the ideal wide-angle for capturing video.

Position on the top or side of kiosk.

Built for public use with strong metals.

Clear audio with high quality stereo speakers.

Clear, high-quality audio is one of the most important aspects of any video conferencing system. With 2.1 HQ speakers built-in, the Meeting Kiosk provides the ideal audio hardware. The speakers are elegantly hidden in the back of the unit and can be adjusted using the remote or PC.

The built-in computer also supports external speakers and microphones through the fully-featured sound card. For truly spectacular audio conferencing, trust the Meeting Kiosk and high-quality speakers to deliver real results.

A digital display built for results.

Eflyn digital displays are engineered to deliver the highest quality images. Every display is calibrated for color, sharpness and contrast. The display starts with the LED panel capable of running 24/7/365 with no burn-in.

The IR touch-screen is then fitted to the LCD for maximum accuracy. A layer of tempered class covers these essentials providing protection against damage. All these components are housed in a durable, industry-grade enclosure capable of withstanding the forces of commercial use. The enclosure is elegantly designed to compliment a professional setting with glass, silver trimming, and available in a variety of colors.

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