Self Serve Checkout Application for quick-service restaurants

Looking for a comprehensive solution to manage your restaurant or QSR? QuickServeNow© has got you covered. Our self-serve checkout application is designed to meet the unique needs of a wide range of dining establishments, from fast food and fast-casual to family-style. With our specialized hardware and software, you can streamline your point-of-sale operations and improve the customer experience. Don't settle for a generic solution – choose QuickServeNow© for a tailored approach to running your restaurant.

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Cloud App with state of the art hardware bundle

Check out 10 important features why you need an Eflyn POS system for restaurants?
  1. One Fully Integrated Solution with the option to customize for your further convenience. This is not offered by other POS companies.
  2. Self Order. Take customer orders on the Self Checkout Kiosks
  3. Mobile Orders. Take Mobile Orders including delivery and pickup
  4. QR Code Ordering. Let customers order on their phone by scanning QR Code
  5. Drive-Thru Orders. Take orders on the drive-thru and provide real-time order previews
  6. Customer Order Status Monitor Whichever method the customer chooses to place the order, the order status monitor lets your guest preview which orders are in processing and which are ready.
  7. KDS. ePOS also have optional state-of-the-art hardware, touch screen 15.5” KDS for all your kitchen orders management.
  8. Extensive Set of Modules Gift Cards, Corporate Cards, Specials, Promotions, Buy one Get one BYGO, Free Products, and much much more…
  9. Marketing and Lead Generating App Create thousands of marketing leads in a fun way using SpinToWin.
  10. One central dashboard for all your orders and extensive reporting

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We provide Fortune 500 technology for small businesses

From Small Cafe To Franchise Chain. Whether you’re an ethnic, fast food, fast-casual, casual dining, family-style, Brasserie, and bistro, or food truck we have the perfect hardware and software solution for you at a price you can afford.

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Self-Order Kiosk

Increase ticket size by 20%. Reduce line ups at checkout. Simplify ordering & pickup.

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One of the Most Effective Quick Service Restaurant POS that is actually designed to increase productivity in the kitchen!

Eflyn QuickServeNow© has been engineered with service efficiency in its foundation and exclusively tailored and customized for quick service restaurants. The entire process of order taking is 100% fully integrated. Take orders on Self Order Kiosks Take orders with cashier POS Take orders by ePOS mobile App Take orders from the table QR code scan This is what a state of the art fast food restaurant pos system with seamlessly integrated Cashier POS, Self Order Kiosks, Kitchen Display System, and a Customer Order status Monitor. All in one place. One company to trust. One support team. One fully integrated system.

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Fully integrated Mobile Ordering

It doesn’t make any difference whether your patrons are making orders using their mobile phone, Scanning and Ordering from the QR code, Using Self Checkout Kiosk, Ordering at the cashier pos, or by ordering using drive thru the system. Eflyn Fully integrated ePOS system is an advanced solution where all the different methods of ordering are managed in the same system.

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We've got a solution that fits!

Eflyn QuickServeNow© is your best quick service pos system. No matter what type of cuisine and food category you offer. Whether you are a vegetarian, sandwiches, subs, shawarma, desserts, Indian, burgers, pizza, breakfast/brunch, pitas, middle eastern, barbecue, fusion, bubble tea, or ice cream restaurant. Our system’s customized channel has been engineered from the ground up to offer ingredient-level business insights and streamline your operations on every single order.

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All-in-One Cloud-Based Point of Sale (POS) System

Eflyn QuickServeNow© brings together expert tools to help you take orders, manage shifts, assist employees and track inventory more effectively.

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Dual-purpose design enables you to flip the POS around to use it as a counter-top self-order kiosk.

Track employee hours and breaks, sale totals and tickets.

Customers love the dual-screen design of Eflyn POS, which makes it easy to see their order as they make it.

Automatic up-sell and cross-sell prompts help employees increase their sales.

Explore Our Range of Self Order Kiosks

Discover a variety of Self Order Kiosks models designed to cater to your unique needs. Explore the options below to find the perfect solution for your business.

Did you catch all that? Let’s recap

Franchise / Franchisee Structure

Add unlimited locations under one franchise

Unlimited Products / Groups / Menu

Create unlimited menus, products, categories and upload product images

Gift Card, Corporate Card

Create Gift Card, Corporate Card and redeem on the self order kiosk

Comprehensive Discount & Promo Model

Create Happy Hours, Special Discounts, Weeklong specials, Generate Coupons and much much more...

Email Lead Generating App - Spin To Win:

Start or End of Order, let your customer play Spin To Win game to generate unlimited email marketing leads

Turn ON / Off

Turn on and off products according to your need

Built in Digital Signage

Add Posters Videos on the home screen and product pages

Smart Loyalty Program

Keep returning customers for life with our Smart Loyalty program

Built in Comprehenisve Reporting System

World class built-in reporting system and get all by email or download anytime


Connect with QuickServeNow© for Seamless Restaurant Self-Serve Checkout

Discover the power of QuickServeNow©, the robust self-serve checkout solution designed specifically for quick-service restaurants and retailers. Ready to enhance your customer experience? Contact us today!

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