21.5" Floor Standing Interactive Capacitive Multitouch Kiosk with Brochures and Pamphlets Holder

Available in Windows 10 or Android, 4 Pockets Catalog, Brochure or Flyer Holder.

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The Future of Sales and Marketing Presentation

Present your marketing material digitally and also encourage your customers to pick up your marketing material in a smarter way. Eflyn 21.5? Floor Standing Interactive Multitouch Kiosk comes with 4 pockets holder for your catalog, brochures, and pamphlets.

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Lightweight, Portable & Durable

The 21.5” Catalogue Kiosk is the lightest in Eflyn’s line of floor standing kiosks, it can be lifted and carried by a single individual. It’s not only light and portable but durable and dependable. The main function of this kiosk is to operate as a touch screen interactive freestanding kiosk and be useful in other ways like entertaining and informing customers and guests through print materials.

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Capacitive Touchscreen

Yes, you read that right, Ultra accurate PCAP touchscreen technology with less than 5ms. response time is now part of all our wallmountable kiosks. Now your customer fingers will glide more smoothly on this interactive touch screen kiosk.

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Compact and Impactful

What is small and powerful you ask? Our 21.5” Floor Standing Interactive Digital Signage Kiosk is indeed small compared to our other free standing digital signage but Believe it or not it has the same performance capabilities as our biggest freestanding kiosk. Now that’s impressive! At Eflyn, we believe in applying the best of our engineering to all of our line of products regardless of size, weight and popularity.

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Commercial Use & Benefits of 21.5" Floor Standing Touch Screen Digital Signage

Our research shows the great use and benefits of the 21.5" Floor Standing touch screen digital signage to broadcast interactive advertisement in the following commercial places.

Healthcare: Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Speciality Clinics such as Cosmetic Clinics, Dentists, Sports Medicine, Eye Care Centers and many other Medical Specialties and Subspecialties

Education: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Private Institutes

Hospitality: Hotels, Casinos, QSR, Restaurants, Exterior Walls and Parking Lots, Tourism Offices, Attactions, Theatres & Cinemas, Sports Arena and more...

Retailers: Departmental Stores, Speciality Stores, Supermarkets, Drugstores, Convenience Stores, Discount Stores, Shopping Malls and many other type of Retailers

Corporate: Office Buildings, Lobbies, Co-working Spaces, Industries, Manufacturing and many others

Federal, State, Provincial and City Offices: Libraries, Museums, City Center, Drivers and various public service offices

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With interactive Touch Screens, you can take digital signage to a whole new level.

Eflyn free-standing digital displays come with a powerful 6-point multi-touch screens that enable a wide variety of interactive applications. Take a look at a few of the many apps that are designed to work with this new technology.

Restaurant Point of Sales System

SalesTouch App

ESuite CMS for Interactive Digital Signage

Spin To Win

SocialBooth Pro


EasyFind Pro

Pair it with Eflyn Spin to Win to get Unparalleled Marketing Results.

In today’s world of endless information, it’s becoming more difficult to grab people’s attention. Now using images, video, animation and other multimedia content, you can reach your target audience in a much more effective way.

Remotely Manage Your Contents

Pair it with E-Suite and you will be able to manage your content whenever you wish. E Suite is Eflyn’s state of the art contents management system for all kinds of digital signage. Whether it be information or visuals, you’ll be able to instantly add, change, edit and update your content onto the digital signage like magic. Simple and easy to use, all it requires is an internet connection.

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Use Digital Signage with E Suite and manage your content with incredible ease.

E Suite is a state of the art web app from Eflyn for content marketing and management. Designed from the ground-up to make managing your digital signage simple, incredibly flexible, and even fun! It supports a lot of great features including:

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Catalogue Kiosk Features

Our 21.5” Catalogue Kiosk is one of a kind, because of its distinct feature of not being used for only digital purposes. The Catalogue Kiosk’s features are:

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  • 21.5” Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Steel reinforced casing
  • 4 Pockets for print materials (magazines, brochures, cards, pamphlets, flyers, etc.)
  • Slim, Portable, and Lightweight
  • Camera Mountable (optional)
  • Stable and sturdy base

Eflyn’s Applications

  •  Spin To Win
  • Quick Match
  • Socialbooth Pro
  • Easyfind Pro
  • Custom Apps
  • Digital Signage

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Size & Specifications

Height::  1500mm
Width::  350mm
Side:  290mm
Processor:  Intel i3
Operating System:  Windows 10 Pro
Display:  21.5” TFT LCD Display
Resolution:  Full HD 1080 x 1920 (Portrait/Vertical)
Wifi:  YES
Contrast Ratio:  4000:1
Brightness:  450 cd/m2
Hard Drive:  128 GB SSD Solid State Hard Drive
Memory:  8GB
Audio Support :  Stereo Audio Out
Communication:  Wifi and Ethernet
Bluetooth:  Yes
Slots/Ports:  USB, HDMI



Want to learn about digital signage? How about self-serve kiosks or setting up your own video wall? Learn from one of our digital engagement experts about the latest in interactive display technologies and software.

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