Corporate Social Responsibility

At Eflyn, we want to leave a mark on our consumers and communities, not on our planet.

We work hard with our engineers to find different ways to lessen our carbon footprint- whether that means creating low-energy absorbing products or implementing a refurbishing program to reuse used technology parts. Many of our products are also made to order to ensure that we are only making what is required of our clients and nothing more.

In addition, our products are known to eliminate paper usage and receipt printing in order to create an even more environmentally-friendly user experience. Our offices are plastic-free spaces where we focus on recycling and composting to be cautious of our effect on the planet.

We feel so fortunate to belong to such welcoming communities in Toronto and Los Angeles. For this reason, Eflyn has a sponsorship program where we happily provide software and digital signage solutions to non-profit community events.

For more information on how Eflyn is making a difference and ways you can get involved with us on our mission, please contact us at We are extremely proud of the work we are doing and hope to involve more people in our efforts to create a sustainable future.



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