Eflyn's 21.5" Outdoor Drive-Thru Self-Serve Checkout Kiosk

Witness the Effortless Efficiency of Eflyn's DriveEASE. Welcome to Eflyn's DriveVista OrderPro, the pinnacle of outdoor drive-thru self-serve technology. Our 21.5" kiosk is designed to revolutionize your drive-thru experience. With DriveEASE, our all-in-one application ecosystem, we've meticulously crafted a seamless, user-friendly solution that optimizes every aspect of your drive-thru operation.

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Eflyn DriveVista OrderPro - 21.5" Outdoor Drive Thru Self Serve Checkout Kiosk Demo.

Swift Operation, Convenient Service, Increased Productivity, and More Profit

Enhancing Your Drive-Thru Experience. At Eflyn, we believe in making the drive-thru experience smoother and more efficient. With DriveVista OrderPro, your customers can effortlessly drive up to our self-checkout kiosks, where convenience meets innovation. Browse with ease, select your preferences, and securely complete payments using our DriveVista debit machine. We guarantee swift operation, convenient service, increased productivity, and, ultimately, more profit for your business.

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Innovative Features That Set DriveVista OrderPro Apart

Experience the Future of Drive-Thru Technology. DriveVista OrderPro isn't just another self-serve kiosk—it's a game-changer. Explore a range of innovative features that redefine the drive-thru experience. From high-resolution touchscreens to intuitive order customization, our kiosk empowers your customers while streamlining operations.

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AW2 Optional Canopy, Security Camera & Potlights

AW2 Optional Canopy offers an incredible amount of shelter and is the perfect choice for your Outdoor Self Checkout kiosk. A generous span of 24" inches along the screens provides enough coverage to help menu reading during heavy rainfall or snow.

To Turn your guests' heads and accentuate your investment we have also added a perfect set of accent lights and a security camera.

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Unlocking Versatility with Universal 2D/3D Barcode Scanning

Discover the power of precision with our high-end barcode scanner, an integral feature of our cutting-edge technology. Built to elevate your interactive experience, our kiosk comes equipped with a universal 2D/3D barcode scanner that opens doors to endless possibilities.

Scan Coupons, Loyalty Cards, and Beyond

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Wide Temperature Range That Outperform On All Fronts

Outdoor Self Order Kiosk have been tested to withstand harsh conditions through simulations. Our drive thru digital menu board has the durability, ruggedness to withstand and perform with reliability during extreme temperature fluctuation.

Operating Temperature: -30° up to 50°C / -22° up to 122° F
Humidity: 5 to 95%

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Ingress Protection Rating Standard

Whether you are in the brutal cold of Minnesota, the insane heat of Phoenix and the humidity of Houston or Miami, Eflyn Outdoor Self Checkout are Designed to withstand harsh conditions involving humidity, dust, rain, wind, dirt, and direct sunlight. Manufactured to IP65 Ingress Protection Rating Standard and Fully Tested in Simulated Environment which includes:
  • Sealed against dirt, dust, oils, and other non-corrosive material.
  • Complete protection from contact with inner electronics.
  • Protected from water and mist from any direction.
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Seamless Integration with Your Existing System

Effortless Compatibility, Maximum Convenience. Worried about integrating a new system with your existing setup? With DriveVista OrderPro, worry no more. Our kiosk seamlessly integrates with your current infrastructure, making the transition effortless. Experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology without the hassle of a complex overhaul.

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DriveVista OrderPro: Your Path to Drive-Thru Excellence

Join the Revolution. DriveVista OrderPro is more than just a kiosk; it's a gateway to drive-thru excellence. Elevate your customer service, boost productivity, and increase profits. Join the revolution and discover the future of drive-thru technology with Eflyn.

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Did you catch all that? Let’s recap

Eflyn Oudoor Self-Order Kiosks

Our kiosks are fully certified with both ETL and MET certifications, guaranteeing top-notch performance and safety standards.

IP65 Protection

Sealed against dirt, dust, oils, contact with inner electronics, protected from water and mist from any direction and other non-corrosive material.

Ultra High Brightness LCD Display

Illuminate your content with brilliant clarity even in sunlight, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement.

Wide Temperature Range That Outperforms On All Fronts

Eflyn's outdoor displays function seamlessly across various temperature ranges, guaranteeing dependable performance in all weather conditions.

Shine in any light

Eflyn Sunlight Readable Outdoor Displays deliver excellent legibility and visibility, even in the brightest outdoor environment.

Ingress Protection Rating Standard

Experience a worry-free solution with Eflyn Outdoor Digital Signage, offering strong defense against dust, moisture, and other environmental factors.

Faster Drive-Thru Checkout

Designed with touchpoints that provide your customers a faster checkout.

Tamper Proof

Our outdoor digital signage is equipped with secure locking mechanisms that effectively prevent unauthorized access, ensuring its readiness for unattended use.

Electrical Safety

Prioritize safety with electrical components built to strict standards, ensuring reliable operation and user protection.

Secure Locks

Safeguard your kiosk's contents with secure locking mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access.

Incredible Durability

Rely on a rugged design built to withstand tough outdoor conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Automatic Brightness Adjustment Sensors

Achieve optimal visibility in changing lighting conditions with sensors that automatically adjust display brightness.

Capacitive Outdoor Drive Thru Touchscreen

Experience seamless interaction with a responsive and weather-resistant touchscreen, enhancing user experience.

Optimal Visibility Even with Polarized Sunglasses

Our Outdoor Displays feature an advanced PLO panels option that ensures exceptional visibility, even when viewers are wearing polarized sunglasses.

Equipped with IoT-Based Environmental Monitoring System

Stay informed about conditions around the kiosk in real-time, ensuring proper functionality in various environments.

Anti Graffiti Paint Coating with Sticker Bombing Protection

Guard against vandalism and graffiti with a protective coating that's easy to clean and resistant to stickers.

Front Loading Printer

Offer customers convenience by providing receipts and transaction records with a user-friendly front-loaded printer.

ID and Barcode Scanner

Streamline transactions and inventory management with integrated scanning capabilities for IDs and barcodes.

Powered by Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Benefit from the stability and familiarity of Windows 10 Pro, ensuring a robust and secure operating system.

Eflyn Engineering

One of the biggest advantages of Eflyn Displays is the way we have engineered and constructed our machines. All the critical parts such as Touch Screen, Display Panel, Various Electronic Parts, Computer, and any other Electronic Parts are easy to replace and swap.

Eflyn Care+

Count on real-fast, real-time, real-person support. With Eflyn Care+ Extended Warranty and Service Plans, our experts are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


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