Designed for Fast Food Restaurant, QSR and Retail

Samsung Kiosk Model KM24A Powered By Eflyn Self Order Solution for QSR & Fast Casual

Increase Revenue, Increase Order Check Size, Improve Order Accuracy, Improve customer satisfaction and ease of use with Eflyn Self Order Kiosks and POS system. Contact us today to seamlessly integrate contactless payment using Eflyn Self Order Kiosks End To End Solution.

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Video presentation of the 24” Samsung Kiosk

This beautiful Samsung Self Order Kiosk is a lightweight yet extremely powerful built based on Samsung’s proven SoC(System on Chip) technology. It comes with a high brightness AG Capacitive Touch Screen. built-in scanner, a front-loading printer. Design to be used in any format whether floor mount, wallmount or counter top.

Automate your store with the best technology

The Future of Restaurant & Retail is Eflyn POS

Our solution is not just self serve checkout. Eflyn Self Order Solution comes with a complete and fully integrated Mobile Ordering, Drive-Thru, Touch Screen KDS, Customer Order Status Monitor and a Cashier POS.

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Modular functionality to support any payment type

The Samsung Kiosk adopts a modular design which provides a variety of payment options including credit card, barcode, QR code and NFC, along with a built-in printer. This means it needs no additional peripherals for an advanced, all-in-one solution that also makes maintenance fast and easy.

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Built in contest marketing tool

Generate thousands of email leads with SpinToWin

Spin To Win is a fully customizable contest generator that lets you create, manage, and run competitions and giveaways on your self order kiosk. Reach customers in a fun and unique way with Spin the wheel ready-to-play on The Samsung Kiosk.

71% |  People recommend brands that offer giveaways.

85% |  People who enter competitions share content from brands

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Digital Signage

Self Checkout & In-House Digital Signage

Eflyn Digital Signage module provides immersive experiences that can help empower your business with unique and exciting ways to drive customer engagement. Our Samsung Kiosk Powered By Eflyn Self Order is not just an ordinary checkout machine. On this beautiful high brightness interactive display you can share branded content, messages, videos and provide touchscreen points to further interact with clients with different applications and self checkout experience.

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$8 a day

The Self Service Ordering Kiosk is cheap!

A complete self order kiosk solution costs less than $8 a day. It serves your customers 16 to 24 hours a day 365 days a year with no sick leave, no vacation, no breaks, days off, or holiday time. Bringing you more sales with up-sells, pairing recommendations, and even collecting tips on behalf of your staff. With the slim margins that restaurants operate with today, a competitive price is essential to success!

For 24 hours of non-stop, error-free, precise service with no breaks, days off, or holiday time.

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Versatile solution for any scenario

For enhanced flexibility in any business environment, Samsung’s new kiosk offers three installation types – countertop, floor stand and wall-mounting – along with hidden cabling and power strip, with no external PC needed either for optimized space saving.

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Pay at Table

Simplified in-store interactions

Boost every customer experience with the intuitive all-in-one payment and ordering system. Kiosk delivers more flexibility with every order for simplified yet personalized interactions.

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Compact and modern design

Samsung Kiosk is composed of a single display part and connection box, along with an optional stand. The design enables clean and convenient cable management while the grey-white color and simple stand means the kiosk blends perfectly into any store interior with a stylish look.

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Size Specification of Samsung Self Checkout Kiosk KM24A - All Sizes in millimeter (mm)

Length 1163mm with stand
Width 334mm
Length 733mm without Stand

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Pay at Table

QR Code Ordering From The Table

Another great feature of the Eflyn Point of Sale System is QR Code Ordering. Your customers can now conveniently scan the QR Code on the table and the prepaid order will be sent to the kitchen.

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Powered by Tizen

Samsung Kiosk is built based on Samsung’s proven SoC(System on Chip) technology. This enables the kiosk to function without the need for an external PC, further highlighting Samsung’s leadership in the PC-less solution space, while delivering powerful and reliable technology.

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Higher Sales . Less Wait Time . Faster Checkout

Samsung Kiosk Powered By Eflyn Self Order will increase your sales

Self service kiosk in a fast food restaurant screams speed. Anyone coming into a fast food restaurant isn’t planning to be there for more than 20-30 minutes. A quick and easy-to-use self serving kiosk will make sure you don’t have any grumpy customers anymore.

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Certified Unattended Payment Terminal

Eflyn Self Order Kiosk is certified for unattended payments in the US and Canada with more countries coming soon.

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Did you catch all that? Let’s recap

Self Order Kiosk

24" Samsung Kiosk Powered By Eflyn Self Order Solution for QSR & Fast Casual Restaurant

Higher Sales, Less Wait Time

Samsung Kiosk is designed to generate higher sales, less wait time, and faster checkout

Starts from $8 a day

Samsung Kiosk Powered By Eflyn Self Order Solution for QSR & Fast Casual Restaurant the most affordable system in the world

Mobile . Online Order . Self Checkout & POS

A complete solution for QSR Restaurant offering your customers Self Order Kiosk, Mobile, and QR Code Orderings.

Large 24” High Brightness Screen

A new 1000 nits high brightness screen gives more life to the self order experience.

Faster Checkout

Samsung Kiosk is designed with touchpoints that provide your customers a faster checkout

Reports & Analytics

Samsung Kiosk has incredible powerful reporting tools to measure the performance and activity at each kiosk and location

Capacitive Outdoor Touchscreen

Samsung Kiosk is equipped with an ultra-accurate PCAP touch screen technology.



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