Redefining Fundraising Convenience and Impact

15.6" Flex Series Fundraising Mission Kiosk

Step into the future of fundraising with the Flex 15.6" Mission Kiosk, your gateway to effortless, self-serve donations for your noble cause. This cutting-edge kiosk eliminates the need for cashiers or volunteers, enabling supporters to contribute seamlessly.

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Mission App

The superior all-in-one self-service fundraising platform that puts your mission first.

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Revolutionary Mission Kiosk Solution

With our Mission Kiosk solution, philanthropy organizations can seamlessly integrate technology into their fundraising efforts,  maximizing engagement, efficiency, and impact. Join us in revolutionizing charitable giving today.

Advertising Revenue

Generate additional income streams by displaying sponsor ads on the kiosk interface. Invite sponsors to participate and sell premium advertising space in your media kit, including full homepage, half-page, and banner ads.

Convenient Donation Options

Provide patrons with easy-to-use on-screen tap-to-pay buttons for preset donation amounts and custom amounts. Each donation tier can be personalized with friendly names such as "Citizen for Coyote," "Visionary Benefactor," "Wellness Supporter," and more.

Versatile Charitable Initiatives

Run various charity campaigns directly from the kiosk, supporting causes such as wildlife protection, healthcare philanthropy, silent auctions, and donation drives.

Interactive Features

Enhance the donation experience with interactive elements such as Spin To Win, offering donors a chance to win prizes and incentives.

Engaging Contents

Keep patrons engaged with full-page donation drive videos running on loop throughout the day, complete with speakers and real-time donation prompts.

Social Booth Pro

Incorporate a photobooth feature directly into the kiosk with Social Booth Pro, allowing patrons to capture and share memorable moments while supporting your cause.

Instant Donation Receipts

Receive donation receipts in real-time, providing immediate acknowledgment and gratitude to donors.

Splash Screen: Where Inspiration Fuels Generosity

At the heart of every act of giving lies inspiration. Our splash screen videos and images serve as powerful tools for conveying your mission and igniting the spirit of generosity.

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Welcome to Eflyn's digital playground, where innovation meets customer satisfaction!

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Digital Signage Advertising

When not in-use your Mission Kiosk doubles as the perfect Digital Signage system. Schedule digital advertising, games and campaigns more effectively with easy-to-use tools.

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Funds and Projects: Fueling Your Causes

Our platform supports multiple funds and contribution goals. A user-friendly dropdown menu empowers donors to easily choose the projects that resonate most with their desires for support.

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Event Tickets

Transform the Mission Kiosk into your personalized box office for purchasing event seats, tickets, and other fundraising items at your upcoming event.

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Empowering Healthcare Philanthropy: Transforming Lives with Mission Kiosk Solutions

Amplify your medical philanthropy efforts with our Mission Kiosk Solutions. Our innovative platform simplifies the process of giving back to healthcare causes by providing an intuitive interface for donors to contribute seamlessly. Beyond donations, our kiosk facilitates the sharing of impactful stories and videos, fostering greater engagement and connection with your cause. With just a tap of a button, supporters can make a difference and see in real-time the tax-deductible amount associated with their contribution. Each prefilled amount is accompanied by a clear indication of its tax-deductible portion, offering transparency and convenience at a glance.

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Mission Kiosk for Surrendered Artist Support

Ignite the transformative power of art with our Mission Kiosk solution tailored for Surrendered Artist initiatives. Our innovative platform provides a seamless way for supporters to contribute to the mission of empowering aspiring artists. Through secure and convenient donation options, our kiosk facilitates vital funding for programs that nurture creativity, foster healing, and provide essential resources for emerging talent. Join us in championing the next generation of artists and fostering a community where every creative voice is heard and celebrated.

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Wildlife Conservation Support Solution

Our solution offers comprehensive support for charitable organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation. From fundraising tools to awareness campaigns, we provide the resources needed to protect and preserve our planet's diverse wildlife habitats.

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Silent Auctions

With the Mission Kiosk, managing silent auctions is effortless. Guests can seamlessly browse through available items in the auction catalog directly from the kiosk interface. Bid submissions are quick and easy, requiring just a few taps to participate in the silent auction.

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Donation Drive Video

Utilize our 'Donation Drive Video' feature to engage and inspire your audience during fundraising events. Simply upload a recorded session of your speaker, and we'll seamlessly integrate it into a captivating looped video displayed in full screen on our kiosks. The video will run with volume, providing a dynamic backdrop to your event. Additionally, our interface includes pre-filled donation amounts alongside customizable options, empowering viewers to contribute easily and support your cause.

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In-Person Payments

Safe, secure and fast payments with fully integrated pin pads from leading processors in the US and Canada.

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Mission-Centric Messaging

When you share your mission, the donations flow naturally. Our platform is equipped with robust storytelling tools to inspire and engage your donors effectively.

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Custom Amounts

Flexible Donations Empower users to select from preset contribution options or specify a custom donation amount.

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Streamlined Fund Selection and Checkout

Our Mission Kiosk Solution offers a seamless experience, allowing users to effortlessly select multiple fund items just like adding products to a shopping cart, and conveniently checkout with one total, all in an unattended manner.

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Multimedia Stories

With just one tap, users can explore captivating narratives and interactive content enriched with videos, images, and links.

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Transform Contributors into Advocates

Gain deeper insights into your generous supporters with comprehensive donor profiles and lists, seamlessly integrated into your outreach initiatives.

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Email Templates

Customize email templates with your own messaging, info and links.

Explore the Features of our Mission Kiosk Hardware

Discover the impressive capabilities of our Mission Kiosk 15.6” Flex Series hardware.

Engaging Digital Signage Screensavers

Harness the power of visuals to convey your message effectively. When not in use, your Mission Kiosk can cycle through images and videos showcasing recent projects and inspirational quotes, leaving a lasting impact.

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SocialBooth Pro

Socialbooth Pro is a fully automated digital photobooth. Your donors will love getting a chance to take photos with their friends. Users choose custom frames to stylize their photos and email or upload photos directly to social media.

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Spin To Win

Create and deploy fully customizable Spin to Win promotions for lead generation directly on the Mission App and Mission Kiosk!

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Quickly navigate donation metrics and create reports

Search, filter and sort all your transactions in the reporting database. You can easily customize, view and download reports for reconciliation or import into third-party accounting systems.

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Custom brand your Mission platform with sponsors and sponsorship messaging.

Vinyl Wrap
Kiosk wraps give a beautiful custom look to your machines that’s perfect for sponsors!

Lead Generation
Share lead data with your sponsors by exporting directly from the Mission App platform.

Branded App
With UI adjustments for colors, logos and messaging you can easily sponsor your Mission App.

Sponsorship Games
The Spin to Win and Photobooth apps can be fully customized for your sponsors.

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Explore Our Range of Fundraising Mission Kiosk

Discover a variety of Fundraising Mission Kiosk models designed to cater to your unique needs. Explore the options below to find the perfect solution for your business.

Size/Dimensions Specifications for 15.6-Inch Countertop Configuration - Flex Series

Height:  690 mm (27.16 inches)
Width:  305 mm (12.0 inches)
Thickness:  91 mm (3.58 inches)

Size/Dimensions Specifications for 15.6-Inch Touch Screen Self Order Kiosks - Flex Series

Height:  1560 mm (61.41 inches)
Width:  305 mm (12.0 inches)
Thickness:  91 mm (3.58 inches)
Base Width:  500 mm (19.68 inches)
Base Depth:  400 mm (15.74 inches)

Did you catch all that? Let’s recap

Intuitive User Interface

An easy-to-use interface with clear instructions and intuitive navigation ensures that donors can quickly and easily make their contributions.

Multiple Payment Options

Offering a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and even cash, allows donors to choose their preferred way to give.

Donation Customization

Allowing donors to specify the purpose of their donation, such as supporting a particular project or campaign, can make the giving experience more personal and meaningful.

Printable Receipts

Providing instant, printable receipts for donations helps donors keep records for tax purposes and demonstrates transparency.

Multilingual Support

If applicable, offering support for multiple languages can help engage a broader audience and make the kiosk more inclusive.

Interactive Content

Incorporating videos, images, and interactive content that showcases your organization's mission and impact can help educate and inspire potential donors.

Real-time Progress Tracking

Displaying real-time progress toward fundraising goals on the kiosk's screen can motivate donors to contribute more to help reach milestones.

Contactless Giving

In today's environment, contactless options, such as QR code-based donations or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, can make donors feel more comfortable and secure.

Email Receipts

Sending donation receipts via email allows donors to access their records electronically and can also be an opportunity to engage them further with your organization's updates and news.

Social Media Integration

Enabling donors to share their contributions on social media platforms can help spread the word about your cause and encourage others to donate.

Data Collection and Analytics

Gathering donor data (with proper consent and privacy considerations) can help your organization understand donor behavior, tailor campaigns, and build stronger relationships with supporters.

Accessibility Features

Ensure that your kiosk complies with accessibility standards, providing features like screen readers and compatibility with assistive devices.

Remote Monitoring

Implementing remote monitoring and management capabilities allows you to troubleshoot issues, update content, and track usage remotely.


Implement robust security measures to protect donor information and maintain trust.

Customer Support

Offer on-screen or remote customer support options for donors who may need assistance during the donation process.

Feedback Mechanism

Provide a way for donors to offer feedback or ask questions, demonstrating your organization's commitment to transparency and improvement.


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