Eflyn Introduces Universal Pay CashBox for Flex Series Self-Order Kiosks

Discover how Eflyn's Universal Pay CashBox enhances payment options and expands the reach of self-order kiosks with dual-currency acceptance. Tailored exclusively for the Flex Series, this innovative solution unlocks new payment opportunities across various industries.

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Embrace Cash Payments at Your Self-Order Kiosks

Explore the remarkable advantages of incorporating cash payment options into your self-order kiosks. Attract a more extensive clientele, including customers who prefer the tangible nature of cash, and elevate your business to new heights.

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The Power of Cash in the Digital Age

Despite the digital age, cash payments continue to wield significant influence. Discover why customers value the tactile feel and transaction privacy cash offers, making it an essential inclusion in your self-order kiosk solutions.

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Meet Warren Buffett: A Cash Payment Advocate

Gain insights from the legendary Warren Buffett, who staunchly advocates for cash payments. Uncover his beliefs on the simplicity and accessibility of cash transactions.

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Cash Transactions in the Modern World

Cash transactions coexist harmoniously with digital payments, catering to a diverse customer base. Learn how both worlds thrive to serve the needs of the modern consumer.

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Why High-Velocity Businesses Choose Cash

High-velocity businesses prioritize cash payment options to cater to customers' preferences. Discover the driving force behind this choice, which results in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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Catering to the Cash-Preferred Customer

Uncover the benefits of offering cash payment choices, ensuring your customers feel valued, regardless of their preferred payment method. Boost your business by accommodating every patron.

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Cash Payment: The Versatile Option

Cash payment is a versatile and straightforward solution, beloved by customers and favored by businesses. Explore the convenience and reliability it brings to the self-order kiosk experience.

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The Significance of Tactile Currency

Explore the tactile nature of physical currency and why it remains a cherished part of the customer experience, offering a tangible connection to their transactions.

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Confidentiality in Cash Transactions

Delve into how cash payments provide customers with a sense of privacy in their transactions, making it an attractive choice in an era of digital exposure.

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Providing Options for All Customers

Learn why the inclusion of cash payment options at your self-order kiosks is essential for a seamless and inclusive customer experience. Expand your reach by ensuring all customers are catered to.

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The Business Impact of Cash Inclusion

Discover the positive effects of embracing cash payments for your business. Witness how accommodating a broader audience, including those who prefer cash, enhances accessibility and drives growth.

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Size/Dimensions Specifications for 21.5-Inch Wallmount Configuration Self Order Kiosks - Flex Series

Height:  830 mm (32.67 inches)
Kiosk Width:  355 mm (13.97 inches)
Thickness:  81 mm (3.18 inches)

Size/Dimensions Specifications for 15.6-Inch Wallmount Configuration Self Order Kiosks - Flex Series

Height:  690 mm (27.16 inches)
Kiosk Width:  305 mm (12.0 inches)
Thickness:  96 mm (3.77 inches)

Size/Dimensions Specifications for Pay CashBox for Flex Series Self-Order Kiosks

Height:  1141 mm (44.92 inches)
Width:  360 mm (14.17 inches)
Thickness:  366 mm (14.4 inches)

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Have questions or inquiries about our innovative self-serve checkout kiosk cashbox for Flex Series? We're here to provide the answers you need. Don't hesitate to reach out; your feedback is important to us.

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