Real-Time Content Update

Instantly update content across all connected screens to keep your display fresh and relevant. Real-time updates ensure your audience always sees the most current information.

Content Scheduling

Automate your display with scheduled content rotations. Plan different content to play at specific times of the day or week, optimizing audience engagement and ensuring timely information delivery.

Remote Management

Manage and control your video wall from anywhere with our cloud-based software. This feature provides flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to update and monitor content on the go.

Customizable Layouts

Create custom layouts to arrange content in various formats, fitting different screen sizes and orientations. This feature ensures your display looks professional and tailored to your needs.

Content Analytics

Gain insights into content performance with detailed analytics. Track viewer engagement and interaction metrics to refine and improve your content strategy.

Multi-Zone Display

Maximize your screen real estate by dividing your video wall into multiple zones, each displaying different content simultaneously. This feature is perfect for diverse information needs.

Dynamic Content Integration

Keep your display engaging with dynamic content sources like RSS feeds, social media updates, and live news. This integration ensures your audience always has something new to see.

Content Backup and Recovery

Ensure your content is safe with regular backups and quick recovery options. Our cloud-based backup system provides an additional layer of security, storing your data on Google Cloud. This means nothing is ever permanently deleted; even if you delete content, it will remain on the server for a generous 30 days before being permanently erased. Unlike traditional backup and recovery methods, our cloud solution allows for seamless restoration of content, minimizing downtime and protecting your valuable data.

User Access Controls

Define who can upload, schedule, and manage content with user access controls. Enhance security and streamline workflow management by assigning specific roles and permissions.

Templates Library

Quickly create professional displays with our library of pre-designed templates. Choose from a variety of layouts to suit different content types and styles.

Support for Multiple Media Formats

Flexibly incorporate a wide range of media formats, including images, videos, animations, and live feeds. This support ensures you can display any type of content seamlessly.

Third-Party Integrations

Enrich your content with integrations from third-party applications and platforms such as social media, weather services, and event management tools.


Scale your video wall system effortlessly. Our software supports an increasing number of screens and higher resolution content, growing with your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Optimize power usage with features like scheduled power on/off times and brightness adjustments based on ambient light. Save energy while maintaining high-quality displays.

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