Changing The Psychology of Interior Design and Customer Experience

Most interiors consist simply of lights, a few tables, and static signs. At the end of the day not only is it boring and uninspiring for your own team but also incredibly monotonous for your clients. Eflyn Maya Video Wall Solution adds an entirely new dimension of interior design and customer experience. Result; an inspired team works harder. A motivated customer buys more!

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A Decompression Zone to Your World

Our research shows that the first 10-15 feet of your store space (depending on its overall size) should ideally serve as a decompression zone — an area where the customer is transitioning into your world from outside.

While your customer is getting their bearings, an Eflyn Videowall bundle helps to create a welcoming brand introduction, and the content serves as an entry-point into your story.

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You Have the Content. Use It!

Did you know that your vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, and brands you use in your store invest millions of dollars in photo ads, commercials, and fashion photography? But as you well know most of this incredible material gets buried and never used effectively. The Eflyn Video wall is an ideal platform to make the best use of all of the great content available to the retailer.

Make your store classy and help customers make a decision faster with content you already have.

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Take Digital Signage To The Next Level With Video Walls

Use contents as a gateway to start the customer journey to define their experience. Ideal for instructing customers on products, directing where to go and displaying events, etc.

Every piece of advertising you use to draw in your customers’ attention has a purpose. Display in-store advertisements, photos and videos, and branding material of any size or shape. Establish a deeper emotional connection to your brand. Using such expensive media on the right infrastructure will be eye-popping and truly deliver that “wow” experience that customers want.

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Ambiance with Music

Pairing the visual impact of video walls with ambient sound uplifts the entire atmosphere of your business. This works incredibly well with brand videos — which become alive on the big screen and in the surround sound.

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Want to learn about digital signage? How about self-serve kiosks or setting up your own video wall? Learn from one of our digital engagement experts about the latest in interactive display technologies and software.


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