Available in 32”, 49" and 55”

MaxCharge Smart EV Charging Station & Interactive AD Player

GE350 MaxCharge Outdoor EV Charging System is Available in 32”, 49” and 55”

All-in-one Outdoor Kiosk for Advertising, Directory, Wayfinding, and EV Charging.

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Sunlight Readable High Brightness Display

An important element to consider when purchasing an outdoor advertising kiosk is readability in direct sunlight. An ultra high brightness LCD display is ideal for maximizing legibility in even the brightest environment. Only a seasoned manufacturer can make a high brightness unit that works together with the engineering of the cabinet/enclosure, airflow, heat sink, and heat dissipation to maximize outdoor interactivity and effectiveness. MaxCharge Smart EV Charging Station is Guaranteed to Deliver Exceptional High Sunlight Readable 3000 nits Brightness.

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All-in-One Smart EV Charger

MaxCharge Smart EV Charging Station features an outdoor high-brightness touchscreen. This kiosk delivers an incredible amount of value for a wide variety of use cases and industries. Pair it with E Suite — the world most advanced digital kiosk content management system. Use it as an additional revenue stream, sell advertising space or use Eflyn lead generating apps such as SpinToWin and PhotoBooth to generate thousands of leads and so much more from this incredible system.

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Capacitive Outdoor Touchscreen

Yes, you read that right, Ultra accurate PCAP touchscreen technology with less than 5ms. response time is now part of our MaxCharge Series Now your customer fingers will glide more smoothly for Interactivity. Designed to work in rugged, outdoor environments. high readability and durability even after thousands of hours of exposure to direct sunlight.

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Removable Side Brackets

One of the dynamic feature of the MaxCharge Smart EV Charging Station is its removable sides. You can use the EV Charging Plugs on one side or the other, or completely remove them to use it as an outdoor display.

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Incredible Durability

Our specialized manufacturing process of the Outdoor Self Order Kiosk ensures that kiosks will be protected for thousands of hours of use.

Tamper Proof

Ensures that vandals are unable to get inside the kiosk.

Electrical Safety

Fully CSA-compliant electronics for electrical safety.

Secure Locks

Allow only administrators or support staff to access the kiosk electronics.

Eflyn’s Latest Outdoor Kiosk Models are now equipped with Anti-Reflective Glass

Restaurant and retail operators can now bring the power of outdoor digital signage and self order kiosks with the possibilities of AR Glass.

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Powered by Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

For enhanced functionality, MaxCharge Smart EV Charging Station are powered by a built-in Intel PC using the latest Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. Now you can run your own apps or browser based applications without learning a new operating system.

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MaxCharge Smart EV Charging Station Designed for a Wide Range of Industries

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Shopping Malls
  • And many more…

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Size Comparison MaxCharge Smart EV Charging Station

Height: 2441 mm (96.10 inches)
Thickness: 314 mm (12.36 inches )
Kiosk Width: 1010 mm (39.80 inches)
Base Width: 1200 mm (47.24 inches )
Base Depth: 619 mm (24.37 inches ).

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Did you catch all that? Let’s recap

Automatic Brightness Sensors

Our Kiosks are equipped with automatic high brightness adjustment sensors.

Additional advertising revenue stream

Our customers who are using E-Suite are taking full advantage of additional advertising revenue. Contact us for more details.

Eflyn Care+

Count on real-fast, real-time, real-person support. With Eflyn Care+ Extended Warranty and Service Plans, our experts are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Eflyn Engineering

One of the biggest advantages of Eflyn Displays is the way we have engineered and constructed our machines. All the critical parts such as Touch Screen, Display Panel, Various Electronic Parts, Computer, and any other Electronic Parts are easy to replace and swap.

High Durability

Designed to work in rugged environments. high readability and durability even after thousands of hours of use.

Large High Brightness Screen

Large High Brightness Screen gives more life to your advertisements.

On-Site Installation Services

We provide complete installation services through 100+ local partner firms with 500+ qualified staff.

IP65 Protection

Sealed against dirt, dust, oils, contact with inner electronics, protected from water and mist from any direction and other non-corrosive material.

Powered by Windows 10 Pro

Kiosks are powered by built-in Intel PC using latest Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.

Servicing & Parts

We stock most of the spare parts including assistance for obtaining obsolete parts. Our team of professional offer Industry-leading support and fast response time through, calls, live chat, and emails.

Shine in any light

Eflyn Sunlight Readable Outdoor Displays deliver excellent legibility and visibility, even in the brightest outdoor environment.

Visible with Polarized Sunglasses

Touch Screen Outdoor Displays V8 Series comes with our most advanced PLO panels which offer outstanding visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarized sunglasses.

Wide Temperature Range

Tested to withstand harsh conditions through simulations. Our Kiosks have the durability, ruggedness to withstand and perform.

Maintenance Packages

We proudly support every machine we make through its life, offering some of the best parts, maintenance, and repair packages you’ll find anywhere.



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