Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pre-Sales Questions

What is the pricing structure for QuickServe Now University Edition?

The pricing for QuickServe Now University Edition depends on various factors, including the number of terminals, additional features, and any customization requirements. Please contact our [email protected] for a personalized quote.

Can QuickServe Now integrate with our existing OneCard system?

Yes, QuickServe Now offers seamless integration with OneCard systems to facilitate transactions for students.

How does QuickServe Now University Edition enhance the student experience?

QuickServe Now enhances the student experience through faster service, streamlined ordering, and a diverse range of culinary choices, making dining on campus more convenient and enjoyable.

How QuickServe Now University Edition Works

How does the ordering process work for students using QuickServe Now University Edition?

The process is simple. Students place their food orders using the kiosk conveniently located in the dining area.

What happens once the order is placed?

Once the student places their prepaid order on the kiosk, it’s sent to the kitchen’s Touch Screen Kitchen Display System (KDS) for processing.

How do kitchen staff process the orders?

The kitchen staff will process the order and mark it as “close" on the KDS once it’s prepared and ready for pickup.

How do students track the status of their orders?

Students can monitor the progress of their orders through the order status screens placed in the dining area. Initially, the order will appear as “Order In Preparation," and when it’s ready, it will be marked as “Done" on the screens.

What are the advantages of this process?

QuickServe Now University Edition offers a fast and accurate order processing system, virtually eliminating order mistakes. All orders are prepaid, enhancing convenience for both students and staff. Students have the freedom to customize their orders, often resulting in increased average ticket prices. Additionally, the system ensures smooth operations without issues.

How does QuickServe Now University Edition benefit campus dining operations?

This solution transforms the ordering process into an efficient and error-free industry operation. It maximizes convenience for students, boosts revenue through increased orders, and ensures seamless operations, making it an invaluable addition to campus dining services.

Technical Questions

What technical requirements are needed to implement QuickServe Now University Edition?

QuickServe Now University Edition typically requires compatible hardware and internet connectivity. Specific technical requirements will be provided upon consultation with our technical team.

Is there a limit to the number of transactions QuickServe Now can handle?

QuickServe Now is designed for high-volume processing, ensuring efficient operations even during peak dining hours.

Does QuickServe Now University Edition offer Kitchen Display System (KDS) integration?

Yes, QuickServe Now University Edition supports Kitchen Order Management with KDS Integration for streamlined kitchen workflows.

After-Sales Support Questions

What kind of after-sales support and maintenance packages are available?

We offer various after-sales support and maintenance packages to ensure the smooth operation of QuickServe Now. Please contact [email protected] about our support options.

Can you provide training for our staff to use QuickServe Now effectively?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training sessions for your staff to ensure they can efficiently operate and manage QuickServe Now.

What kind of reporting and analytics are available with QuickServe Now University Edition?

QuickServe Now University Edition provides advanced reporting and analytics to offer comprehensive data insights that can help optimize your campus dining operations and revenue generation.

Is QuickServe Now University Edition designed to be accessible and inclusive?

Yes, QuickServe Now is committed to inclusivity, with features designed to ensure accessibility at its core, making it convenient for all students, including those with diverse needs.

How can I get assistance if I encounter any technical issues with QuickServe Now?

If you encounter technical issues, please reach out to our dedicated support team, and they will provide prompt assistance to resolve any concerns.

What are the benefits of using QuickServe Now for revenue generation in campus dining?

QuickServe Now’s efficient operations, diverse culinary choices, and data insights can contribute to revenue generation for your campus dining services.


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