Sanitizer Kiosk

Thoughtfully designed hand sanitizer dispenser with a built-in 21.5” multi-touch Android display.

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Top Features

Sanitizer Level Indicators

Provides a smart visual reminder of the current hand sanitizer level and when it needs to be replenished.

Dispensing Sensor Lights

Instantly lights up green during during dispensing process to provide users visual queue to remove their hands.

Effortless Hygiene Promotion: The Ultimate Sanitization & Communication Solution

  • Perfect for hotels, malls and large retail and office complexes
  • Dual-purpose design for wall-mounting or freestanding installation
  • Promote good hygiene throughout your hotel, office or restaurant
  • Bold and eye-catching Digital Signage Display
  • Keep workplaces informed
  • Protect guests and customers
  • Place in key locations to provide daily reminders.
  • Comes with EflynShield Anti-bacterial/anti-viral protection for up to 1 year
  • Multi-touch Android Kiosk with support for thousands of apps

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Includes 6-Month subscription for E Suite Content Marketing and CMS for Digital Signage.

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Hotel Guests and Staff

Protect and Inform

Effortlessly safeguard both guests and staff with our 21.5" digital signage sanitizer kiosk. This innovative solution not only promotes hygiene with its built-in sanitizer dispenser but also informs visitors with dynamic digital signage displays. With easy access to sanitizer and engaging informational content, it’s a powerful tool for protecting and informing in any hospitality setting.

Restaurant Workers and Customers

Promote Hygiene

Empower restaurant workers and customers alike to prioritize hygiene with our innovative solution. Our system promotes cleanliness and hygiene practices, ensuring a safe environment for both staff and patrons. By providing easy access to sanitization stations and promoting hygiene awareness, we create a healthier dining experience for everyone involved.

Grocery Stores

Reduce Contamination

Minimize contamination risks in grocery stores with our tailored solution. By implementing strategic sanitizer kiosks throughout your store, you create accessible hygiene stations that help reduce the spread of contaminants. Empower both shoppers and staff to maintain a clean environment, promoting a safer shopping experience for all.

Retail Shoppers and Staff

Protect and Inform

Enhance safety and awareness for both retail shoppers and staff with our solution. By strategically placing sanitizer kiosks equipped with informative displays throughout your store, you create a protective environment while keeping everyone informed about hygiene protocols and updates. Safeguard health and foster a well-informed community within your retail space.

Fitness Clubs and Spas

Support Your Members

Empower your fitness club or spa by supporting your members with our sanitizer kiosks. By providing convenient access to hand sanitization and displaying important health information, you create a supportive environment that prioritizes member well-being and safety.

Promote Safety and Hygiene

Workplaces and Offices

Promote safety and hygiene in workplaces and offices with our sanitizer kiosks. By placing them strategically, you can encourage proper hand hygiene among employees and visitors, fostering a cleaner and healthier environment.

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