Ordering Kiosk for Shopify

The only kiosk that supports Shopify Shops out-of-the-box!

Self Order Kiosks & Software Features

21.5” Self Order Kiosk Max
21.5” Self Order Kiosk Flex
32” Self Order Kiosk Pro

What is the Shopify Kiosk?

With our unique Shopify Integration feature you can instantly connect your Shopify online store or Shopify POS directly into our state-of-the-art self-order kiosks. Start offering self-checkout options to your customers with ease!

Online Shop and Delivery Kiosk

Let your retail customers know about online offers and order from a larger selection of items right from your store. If you already have a Shopify account you can connect your shop directly to the kiosk and start selling items with zero configuration!

Grab ‘n’ Go

Grab’N’Go lets customers quickly scan and pay for items on-the-go. Perfect for gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies and grocery stores.

Pickup and Delivery

Order Pickup is a neat feature that allows customers to browse a larger variety of products than the ones you have in-store and order for pickup or delivery.

Browse and Search Collections

Using Shopify collections customers can easily navigate between departments and product categories. And with support for pagination and search you can find exactly what you're looking for among thousands of products.

Your Shopify Products available In-Person for the first time.

The built-in Shopify integration loads all the relevant product data directly from your account, complete with HTML descriptions, image galleries and the most up-to-date pricing.

Support for Product Variants and Options

The Shopify kiosk supports the use of product variants for varieties of the same product. The interactive image gallery supports auto-loading product variants based on the associated image just like your online Shopify or Amazon store.

Cart-Focused UI

The Shopify Kiosk is designed to support a variety of ordering methods such as Grab'N' Go, Self-Checkout and Online Catalog. The customizable UI also includes incredible features for promoting new products, increasing sales and enhancing the customer journey.

Ordering Flows

Custom buying experiences for various customer journeys such Grab'N'Go, Self-Checkout, Catalog, etc. Perfect for selling products in person as well as "online-only" sales.

Reinventing the Retail Experience for the New Commerce

With customers now transitioning towards e-commerce the retail experience is ready for a change. The Shopify kiosk lets customers use the machine as a self-service online catalog in your retail store. If you are using Shopify to manage a physical shop the Shopify kiosk is the easiest way to enable your customers to browse your entire online catalog for delivery or pickup.

Grab. Scan. Pay.

Say hello to the easiest self-checkout system around.

The new Grab'N'Go mode on Shopify Kiosk lets customers use the machine as a self-checkout system in your retail store.

If you are using Shopify to manage a physical shop with product barcodes the Shopify kiosk is the easiest way to enable your customers to shop independently. Simply grab items for self-checkout and scan on the kiosk.

The interactive cart will automatically update with scanned items and the customer can quickly complete their transaction on the payment terminal. New order receipts can be sent to a back office or preparation area as well.

Scan and Pay

Scan items for purchase using Universal Barcode scanner (based on UPCs from Shopify).

Browse In-Store and Online

Browse items available for immediate purchase in-store!

Shopify Cart

Add items to cart and pay at kiosk using Moneris Pinpad.

Order Integration

Orders pushed back to Shopify to track order history/analytics.

Instant Payments In-Person with Integrated Devices

Shopify Kiosk uses integrated payment devices from popular manufacturers like Ingenico and Verifone for processing payments. This ensures that customers don't have to manually enter payment information on the kiosk and secures transactions completely. Save on transaction costs with direct integrations to popular payment providers like Moneris, TSYS, Global Payments, Elavon and many more.

Size Specifications 32” Self Order Kiosk Pro

Size Specifications 21.5” Self Order Kiosk Flex

Size Specifications 21.5” Self Order Kiosk Max



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