ShopEase Self-checkout application for Shopify retailers

ShopEase is a user-friendly self-checkout kiosk application that has been specially designed for Shopify retailers. By leveraging the power of Shopify, ShopEase allows retailers to efficiently manage their inventory and collections, thereby ensuring a seamless self-serve checkout experience for customers on our order kiosks. With ShopEase, retailers can easily keep track of their stock levels, minimize wait times, and provide an exceptional shopping experience for their customers.

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Transform Your Retail Store with ShopEase's Endless Aisle Solution

ShopEase is the ultimate solution for retailers who want to provide their customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Our endless aisle technology trend allows in-store shoppers to order products that are not in stock and have them delivered to their homes, making shopping more convenient than ever. Seamlessly integrated with Shopify, ShopEase provides retailers with centralized control over product, enrichment, and inventory data. Our cost-effective solution is ideal for retailers of all sizes, and allows customers to easily grab, scan, and pay for in-store items or browse, discover, and purchase products that are not in stock or only available online. With a simple debit/credit card payment and address input, their items will be delivered in just a day or two.

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Grab, Scan and Go

Grab, Scan, Pay & Go" is a convenient feature that allows customers to quickly and easily purchase items. With this feature, customers can simply grab the desired product, scan it using our self-order kiosk, make the payment, and be on their way. By combining this feature with our self-serve checkout kiosks, Flex or Pro series, the purchasing process becomes even more streamlined and efficient, providing an excellent shopping experience for customers.



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