How Does Eflyn Self Checkout Kiosk Work for Bubble Tea & Boba Restaurants

STEP 1: Customer tap anywhere on the screen to start order

One of the best features of the Eflyn Self Order Kiosk System is its digital signage module. From the screen saver to on-screen ads, you can run your flyers, promotions, videos, specials, and any kind of digital ads. To start the order customer tap anywhere on the screen to goto the menu.

STEP 2: Make Selection by going through the menu

The customer makes their selection using the menu categories and adds items to their cart.

STEP 3: Upsell Recommendations

Self Order Kiosk process orders quicker than a human cashier and is programmed to upsell. When the customer makes their food selection, the associated upsells are displayed to the customer immediately. For example, if you select a drink you will be giving a choice to upgrade the regular size to a large one by just paying 50cents extra.

STEP 4: Combos, Add-ons and Modifier

One of the benefits of the self serve checkout for bubble tea, boba, and ice-cream is the flexibility, convenience, and customization. Customers can conveniently make a selection of the flavors & toppings and modify drinks as easy as 1-2-3, no more order mistakes and grumpy customer.

STEP 5: Final Customization

Customers can make the final customization of their drinks by selecting the level of sugar and ice.

STEP 6: Tips, Gratuity and Final Checkout

Before the final checkout customer will be presented with the Tips & Gratuity Screen with pre-selected options of 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% and a custom amount tip option.



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