Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Self Checkout Kiosks for Shopify®?

As we all know, Shopify® ecommerce is one of the most powerful, user-friendly, easy to scale, SEO optimized, fraud-prevented, and highly reliable ecommerce systems worldwide. However, to deliver unforgettable retail experiences and in-store unification, Eflyn designed a unique software that integrates your Shopify® online eCommerce and gives you a complete Shopify® point of sale system with self serve checkout.

With the recent global shift towards contactless commerce, retail stores such as fashion boutiques, home and garden, sports and outdoor stores, food and drink retail, health and beauty and cosmetics, bike shops, electronics, shoe stores, fitness & supplements, vape and cannabis stores, CBD stores, toys & hobbies, liquor stores, jewelry, pet stores and nonprofit need a faster and easy means of offering endless aisle and self-checkout solutions to their customers. Eflyn Shopify® POS integration software provides your patrons with a completely independent in-person shopping experience.

Is there a monthly fee besides purchasing the hardware? If yes, what does this monthly fee cover?

The monthly fee is for our cloud-based application that works with Shopify® to provide your patrons with a completely independent in-person shopping experience. It also includes ongoing technical support and all future updates to ensure the software works smoothly with Shopify® as the platform grows. The monthly fee is discounted to $79 per month for unlimited updates and technical support. This fee includes the cloud-based application, ongoing technical support, and maintenance for all future updates to ensure the software runs alongside Shopify®. This fee does not include hardware.

I am looking to integrate Eflyn software solutions with my existing hardware, is this possible?

We highly recommend full Eflyn software-hardware solutions, which have been proven to work for hundreds of small-to-large clients across North America. Eflyn hardware is made to complement Eflyn software in a way that isn’t as seamless for third-party hardware solutions.

If you’re not ready to make a hardware change and are looking for a software solution, Eflyn can integrate select software applications with third-party hardware. Please contact a product specialist and click here to schedule a call at your convenience.

What is the turnaround time for Eflyn Products?

The turnaround time for Eflyn hardware products is highly dependent on the product in question as well as the complexity of the solution. We usually recommend providing around 4-6 weeks for standard solutions and 12+ weeks for custom hardware solutions. In many cases, if the product is in stock at one of our locations, we can fulfill the order in less than two weeks. Please contact us and click here to schedule a call at your convenience with your product request, shipping location, and software specifications for a better estimate of turnaround times.

What the Self Checkout Kiosk for Shopify® can do for you?

The Self Checkout Kiosk for Shopify® has everything you need to use an unmanned  Self Checkout at your retail outlet. You can start offering self-checkout, scan’n’go, a digital catalog, and much more on your kiosk quickly and easily using our complete end-to-end solution.

Can the Self Checkout Kiosk for Shopify® offers Grab, Scan, and Go feature?

Yes, absolutely. Eflyn Self Checkout Kiosk for Shopify® offers the Grab’N’Go feature that lets your customers quickly scan and pay for items on the go. This is perfect if you operate a clothing retail chain or individual store, convenience store, pharmacy, gas station, mini-mart, or grocery store.

How about our Shopify® store pricing and inventory information? Would that information be up-to-date automatically at all times?

Absolutely yes. All your online store’s products and catalogs will be displayed seamlessly on the Shopify® Self Checkout kiosk, complete with descriptions, image galleries, and the most up-to-date pricing and inventory.

Does Shopify® Kiosk support product variants and options?

On the Self Checkout Kiosks for Shopify®, your customers can view and select between product variants and customizations just like it is offered on your Shopify® online/ecommerce store.

The interactive image gallery supports auto-loading product variations based on the associated image, just like your online shop.

Can we browse and navigate between store departments and product categories?

That’s correct, Self Checkout kiosk for Shopify® empowers customers to navigate your store departments and product categories easily. With support for search, sort, and filter features finding precisely what your customer is looking for has never been easier.

Can you give us more information about the lead-generating and contest marketing Spin To Win App? Is it included in our Self Checkout Kiosk for the Shopify® package?

Spin To Win Contest Marketing App generate thousands of email leads. This is now part of our point of sales system on all our self-order kiosk platforms. Spin To Win is a fully customizable contest generator that lets you create, manage, and run competitions and giveaways on your self-order kiosk. Reach customers in a fun and unique way with Spin the wheel ready-to-play on Eflyn Self-Ordering Kiosks.

I would like to see a demo of the Self Order Kiosks with Shopify® before purchase. Can we arrange a live video call, or would you share some videos?

The Self Checkout Kiosk can turn your Shopify® online store into a smart retail location with a self-serve checkout for your customers. It fully supports single or multiple locations and is centrally managed with the ecommerce account you know and love. Please click here to check out the 10 videos playlist on YouTube. These are a quick few minutes of videos detailing the key features of our solution. 

We can also arrange a video call with your team, give you a live demo, and answer all your questions. Please email, and we will arrange that as soon as possible.


Will my product tags still work on the Shopify® Self Checkout Kiosk?

Yes, all your filtering by tags works on the Self Serve Kiosk for Shopify®, just like your online store. Let your customers narrow down extensive collections to specific products they’re looking for. Tags auto-populate based on the collection menus on your website and arrange themselves on the collection page under the title. So by simply tapping each tag, the entire list of products can be filtered.



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