Cell Phone Charging Kiosks with Touch Screen Digital Signage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

What is the i-series floor-standing kiosk?

The i-series floor-standing kiosk is an indoor touch screen kiosk available in various sizes, featuring a high-brightness display, advanced touch capabilities, and a sleek design.

What sizes are available for the i-series kiosk?

The i-series kiosk comes in sizes ranging from 43" to 85". You can choose the size that best suits your needs

What makes the i-series kiosk unique?

The i-series kiosk is known for its slim design, high brightness, and full capacitive touch capabilities, making it perfect for a wide range of applications.

Does the kiosk have built-in Wi-Fi?

Yes, our i-series kiosks are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to stay connected and update content easily.

Is there an option for a vinyl wrap or custom design on the kiosk?

Yes, you can choose to customize your kiosk with a vinyl wrap or a custom design to match your branding and enhance visibility.
Technical Questions

What is the brightness level of the display?

The i-series kiosk features a high-brightness display with 1000 nits, making it suitable for various indoor environments, including well-lit retail spaces.

Is it available in both touch and non-touch options?

Yes, you can choose from a range of touch options, including full capacitive touch, as well as non-touch kiosks.

What operating system is used in the built-in computer?

The kiosk features a Windows-based microcomputer that is removable for easy maintenance and updates.

What is the significance of ESA and TUV certification for the i-series kiosk?

ESA and TUV certifications are critical for ensuring the safety and security of the i-series kiosk when it comes to electrical safety in public spaces. These certifications confirm that the kiosk meets rigorous safety standards, providing peace of mind to users and operators.

Why is there a key and lock mechanism on the i-series kiosk?

The key and lock mechanism on the i-series kiosk is a security feature designed to prevent unauthorized access to the kiosk's interior. This feature ensures that only authorized personnel can access the internal components of the kiosk, adding an extra layer of security to protect the kiosk and its components from tampering or unauthorized use.
Use Cases

Where can I use the i-series kiosk?

The i-series kiosk is versatile and can be used in various applications, including retail, hospitality, information centers, and interactive wayfinding.

Can I use it for interactive product displays?

Yes, these kiosks are excellent for interactive product displays in retail and other environments.
Investment and ROI

What is the ROI for investing in i-series kiosks?

The ROI on i-series kiosks varies depending on your specific use case and business goals. However, they are known for enhancing customer engagement, providing information, and potentially boosting sales.

How do I maximize the return on my investment with these kiosks?

To maximize ROI, make use of the kiosk for interactive product displays, wayfinding, and information services. Customize the content to meet your business objectives and engage your audience effectively.

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