Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the warranty?

Self Order Kiosk comes with warranty options from 1 year up to 3 years. Contact us today for more information on extended warranty, service, and support packages available. Eflyn can provide nationwide service for Self Checkout kiosks across the US and Canada.

Can my customer scan discount codes or coupons on the Self Order Kiosk.

Yes, your customers can scan discount codes or coupons on the Self Order Kiosk integrated scanner. You can distribute discount codes like QR codes to your customers and they can scan these at any time on the Self Order Kiosk Kiosk to apply the discount code to their order. It’s that easy!

What kind of payment options are accepted self-order kiosks?

Self Order Kiosks can accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and even some forms of digital payments like Apple Pay. Alternative methods are also supported, such as applying promotional codes or paying cash at the counter.

Is an investment in self-serve kiosks worth it?

The quick answer is, yes. Food Ordering Kiosk creates a huge improvement on the current system. They offer huge advantages to QSR restaurant and food truck customers. Besides making wait-times shorter at checkout, data shows kiosks can increase average ticket orders as well. Up to 30% increase in spending due to upselling and cross-promoting efforts made possible with the kiosk. In addition, staff can be diverted to more customer-focused tasks like expediting food or cleaning. As more restaurants invest in the technology, patrons will expect their favorite QSRs and fast casuals to offer the same efficiency and convenience being offered elsewhere.

How Does Eflyn QR Code Ordering System Works?

  • Generate a QR sticker of your restaurant’s unique ordering link using the Eflyn POS system.
  • Stick the QR code on each table in your restaurant.
  • Customer scan the QR Code on their phones and a self order kiosk interface with your menu items will be opened.
  • Customers can browse through the self order interface and once they select the food that they would like to order they can make the payment using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any other credit card.
  • The prepaid order will be sent to the kitchen KDS and on the order status will update the order status as “Ordering Being Prepared'
  • Once the kitchen staff finished preparing the order they will tap on the KDS that the order is finished
  • The customer status monitor will update the order status as DONE and they can come and pickup the order tray

How my restaurant & QSR customers can get benefited from the self checkout kiosk?

Self Ordering Kiosk is convenient and customers like good experiences. A self serving system provides the convenience of making sure you place the right order and avoids the inconvenience that language or personality differences can create.

A restaurant kiosk system makes the entire process of collecting, processing, and delivering orders much more coherent and organized for the restaurant, and this will naturally lead to better and less stressful functioning of the restaurant.

A self ordering kiosk system is now an unavoidable asset for a fast food and QSR restaurant since it helps the customers as well as the owners. There is absolutely no reason as to why a restaurant should not consider investing in a restaurant kiosk ordering system.

What are the benefits of the Self Order Kiosk for the QSR and Restaurant?

Some of the benefits of self-ordering kiosks for restaurants & QSR are following:

  • Increased Check Sizes
  • Decreased Wait Times
  • Order Accuracy
  • Save Money on Labor
  • Keep Staff and Customers Safe
  • Fewer Losses
  • Shorter Queues
  • In store productivity


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