Video presentation of the 21.5" Self Checkout Kiosk Model

21.5” Self Checkout Kiosk Max for retailers. This beautiful kiosk comes with a high brightness 21.5" Capacitive Touch Screen. The top features of this model are a built-in Honeywell scanner, a front-loading printer, a high-brightness 21.5” capacitive touch screen, a powerful windows computer from Dell or Lenovo, Universal Payment Terminal Holder, and a fully mountable base with key and lock.

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Powered by Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Self Checkout Kiosk is powered by Microsoft Windows 10 Pro for enhanced functionality.

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Front Loading Printer

Eflyn Self Order Kiosk loads paper from the front and there is a key and lock mechanism in place, so you never have to open the cabinet to load the standard 80mm thermal paper roll.

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ID and Barcode Scanner

Universal 2D/3D Barcode scanner built-in. Scan coupons, loyalty cards, tickets, and more. Support for scanning PDF148 ID barcodes and passports.

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Capacitive Touchscreen

Yes, you read that right, Ultra accurate PCAP touchscreen technology with less than 5ms. response time is now part of our 21.5" Self Ordering Kiosk Max. Now your customer fingers will glide more smoothly on the kiosk when ordering.

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RGB Lighting

Compliment your brand strategy with RGB lighting options for your Self Ordering Kiosks. Supports seven colors and makes your kiosks shine in store setting.

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Universal Pin Pad Mount

Mounty any type of payment terminal with our new universal pinpad mounts. Supports popular pinpad models such as Ingenico iPP320/350, Verifone MX-Series, TD Generation Pinpads, and many more.

HD Camera Built-In

Utilize the built-in HD camera to capture essential user metrics, recognize faces and deliver a more customized and personalized self-order experience than ever before.

Size/Dimensions Specifications for 21.5-Inch Touch Screen Self Order Kiosks - Max Series

Height:  1402 mm (55.19 inches)
Thickness:  60 mm (2.36 inches)
Kiosk Width:  359 mm (14.13 inches)
Base Depth:  380 mm (14.96 inches)
Base Width:  500 mm (19.68 inches)

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