Published: Jan 9, 2021
Orange, California

Why Eflyn Self Ordering Kiosks are not just your average self service machine

Well-thought-out hardware + feature-rich software make this something different.

When we planned to develop our first self order kiosk hardware we had 3 main objectives. First, how to produce the most powerful kiosk on the market while keeping it affordable. Second how to make the equipment easily serviceable to maximize uptime and minimize servicing costs. And third, how to make it extendable and future-proof so any device or configuration could be possible for multiple devices and automation, as well as making the entire system upgradable to support future advancements in the coming years.

When we finished our first prototype in 2008 it was a breakthrough achievement but the Eflyn team was still not satisfied as the finished product was still missing a few essential devices and there was still room for improvement. For example, the screen was a regular 450nits brightness and the team wanted something brighter and sharper, with a higher contrast ratio to produce images with clarity and sharpness regardless of how high and low the retail lighting was. Another problem we faced in our initial prototype was that the base was welded to the unit which makes it difficult and costly for transportation and shipping. Since it was made as a one-piece with a pedestal it was impossible to detach if some clients wanted to use self-order as a wall-mountable unit.

We felt like the conventional methods of rushing to get things done at speed are not very useful when it comes to manufacturing and to help us do things better. It was then that we decided we need more time and there was no point in rushing over manufacturing just to gain a competitive advantage by sacrificing product quality. This decision ultimately helped our self-order kiosks product line and gave birth to not just one, but 3 revolutionary, breakthrough, beautiful, and gorgeous looking kiosk models in 32”, 21.5” and a fully weatherproof model for outdoor use — the 32” Outdoor Self Order Kiosk with an incredibly sharp 3000 nits high brightness anti-reflective tempered glass display.

Here’s a table that will show you just how incredible the hardware design of Eflyn self order kiosks is for both indoor and outdoor.

Hardware Features

  • 2-in-1, Floor Standing or Wall-mountable
  • Intel i5, i7 models with Windows 10 Pro
  • Quick Release Hinges for Maintenance
  • Built-in Heater and Optional Air Conditioner in an outdoor model
  • Protective Screen Coating
  • HD Built-in Camera
  • Honeywell Scanner for 2D/3D scanning
  • Front Loading Printer for Easy Access
  • 7-colors RGB lighting
  • Lock & Key Mountable Base without holes
  • Built-in Universal Credit Card Terminal Holder
  • Built-in UPS in our 32” Indoor Model
  • Tamper Proof Locks
  • 3000 nits brightness for outdoor and 1000 nits for indoor. Built-in brightness ambient sensor

We also packed our software with awesome features to make self-ordering a breeze for restaurants and retail customers. Here’s a table that lists some of our software features.

Software Features

  • Cloud Software App, manage from anywhere
  • Home Screen with your Video or Poster Ads. Touch To Start Ordering
  • Tap and go, or contactless payments
  • Full Solution includes Kitchen Printer, KDS, Label Printer, and Multiple Print Stations
  • The software also features Mobile Ordering with Apple and Google Pay
  • The software also features, Pay at Table, your customers can now conveniently pay at the table by scanning QR codes on their phone.
  • The software also supports customer order status monitor to check which orders are in line and which ones are completed
  • The software also supports Tent Table Numbers
  • Generate Smarter Reports
  • Food Cost and Inventory Module
  • The software also supports cashier point of sale hardware, connect anytime
  • Cool Upsell and Cross-Sell Features
  • Spin To Win Contest Marketing App to help you generate thousands of email leads. This is now part of our point of sales system
  • Built-in Digital Signage, Hundreds of Templates to Choose From for your In-house promotion and adverting.

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