Published: Jan 8, 2023
Buena Park, California

Blog: Revolutionize Local Navigation and Boost Community Engagement with EasyFind Pro

Eflyn EasyFind Pro

Finding your way around a new city or community can be a daunting task, especially when you’re trying to locate a specific place or event. But with EasyFind Pro, our digital wayfinding system, you can navigate like a local and stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your area.

With turn-by-turn directions and a mobile handout feature, EasyFind Pro guides you through the most efficient route to your destination, whether you’re on foot or driving. And with real-time updates on local events and happenings, you’ll never miss out on a concert, festival, or community gathering.
But that’s not all – EasyFind Pro is also a powerful tool for local businesses and advertisers. Our system allows businesses to advertise their services and promotions, increasing exposure and foot traffic to their storefronts. And for municipalities and non-profit organizations, EasyFind Pro offers a unique opportunity to engage with the community and showcase local resources and attractions.

And for tourists, EasyFind Pro is a game-changer. No more wandering around aimlessly or relying on confusing maps – with EasyFind Pro, you’ll have instant access to all the best spots and events in town. Plus, our system is fully customizable to showcase local tourist hotspots and must-see attractions.

Whether you’re a tourist, new resident, or seasoned local, EasyFind Pro is the ultimate wayfinding system to help you navigate and discover your community. So why not upgrade your outdoor touch screen interactive kiosks with EasyFind Pro and revolutionize local navigation, community engagement, and tourism today?

In addition to providing essential wayfinding assistance, EasyFind Pro’s advertising capabilities are a boon for local businesses. With our interactive kiosks, businesses can promote their products and services to a wider audience. For tourists, discovering a new store or restaurant can be a highlight of their trip. By advertising on our kiosks, local businesses can capitalize on these opportunities and boost their sales. EasyFind Pro’s advertising platform is a great way for businesses to get noticed and for tourists to discover everything the local area has to offer.


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