Published: Dec 20, 2023
Toronto, Ontario

Recessed Wall Mount for Eflyn's 21.5" Flex Series / Optimal Installation

In this comprehensive blog post, we look into the world of recessed installations for Eflyn's 21.5" Flex Self Checkout Kiosk. Discover the recommended dimensions, ventilation tips, and aesthetic considerations for a seamless integration that enhances both functionality and visual appeal.


Are you considering a recessed wall mount for your 21.5" Flex Series Self Checkout Kiosk? This blog post will guide you through the essential details to ensure a seamless and efficient installation process.

Why Opt for a Recessed Wall Mount?

The recessed wall mount provides a sleek and integrated look, saving space and seamlessly blending with your environment. To maximize the benefits of this installation option, it’s crucial to pay attention to the recommended specifications.

Key Numbers and Recommendations

– Space Allocation: We recommend a minimum of 12 inches of free space on all four sides (top, bottom, left, and right) for optimal ventilation and ease of maintenance.

– Power Receptacle: Consider using a recessed power receptacle to maintain a clean and streamlined appearance. This not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures the kiosk’s functionality.

Maintenance Considerations

– Front Opening Door: The front opening door allows easy access for maintenance tasks. However, in tight spaces, the opening and accessibility may be restricted, making ongoing maintenance challenging.

Ventilation Matters

– Vent Placement: Adequate space around the vents is crucial for optimal air intake and heat dissipation. This prevents hot air from circulating back into the kiosk, ensuring consistent performance.

Aesthetics and Design

– Dark Color Scheme: Many clients opt for a dark color scheme inside the recessed area, often using black paint. This not only hides the 12-inch space but also gives the kiosk a more polished and seamless appearance.

– Interior Design Team’s Role: While our recommendations provide a technical framework, the final aesthetic decisions rest with your interior design team. Collaborate with them to ensure the recessed installation aligns with your overall design vision.


Eflyn’s 21.5" Flex Series Self Checkout Kiosk with a recessed wall mount offers a sophisticated and space-saving solution. By adhering to our recommended specifications, you can optimize the functionality, aesthetics, and ongoing maintenance of your kiosk.

For a visual representation of the recessed installation, refer to the sketch of the 21.5" Flex Series provided below. If you have any specific questions or require further assistance, feel free to reach out to our regulatory affairs team. We’re here to make your installation process as smooth as possible.

Recessed Wall Mount for Eflyn's 21.5



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