Published: Nov 15, 2023
Toronto, Ontario

Accessibility Beyond Standards: Eflyn's Innovative 508 Compliance Features in the 21.5" Outdoor Self-Order Kiosk

Explore Accessibility Beyond Standards with Eflyn's Regulatory Affairs Team! Our 21.5" Outdoor Self-Order Kiosk, in collaboration with our Regulatory Affairs experts, takes accessibility to the next level with optional Section 508 features. From synchronized speech delivery to user control options and tactile Braille instructions, we're committed to making technology inclusive for all. Learn more in our latest blog post!


Accessibility Beyond Standards: Eflyn's Innovative 508 Compliance Features in the 21.5

In our ever-evolving digital landscape, accessibility remains at the forefront of technology design. At Eflyn, we take pride in pushing the boundaries of innovation, especially when it comes to making our solutions accessible to users of all abilities. In this blog post, we’re excited to share how our world’s first 21.5" Outdoor Self Order Kiosk goes above and beyond standard ADA compliance by incorporating optional Section 508 features for an even more inclusive user experience.

Front Plate Technology for Enhanced Accessibility:

One of the standout features of our 21.5" Outdoor Self Order Kiosk is the front plate technology, which introduces additional accessibility options for users.

  1. Speech Delivery Type and Coordination Option:

Our kiosk is equipped with speech delivery features that go beyond mere narration. The coordination of speech with on-screen content creates a synchronized and seamless experience, providing users with auditory information in a clear and concise manner. This feature ensures that users with visual impairments receive information effectively, enhancing their overall interaction with the kiosk.

  1. User Control Option:

Understanding the diverse preferences of users, our kiosk offers enhanced user control options. Users can interact with the kiosk using touch, keyboard, or voice commands. Additionally, features like adjustable volume control and screen brightness empower users to tailor their experience based on their individual needs.

  1. Tactile Braille Instructions Option:

Recognizing the importance of tactile guidance, we’ve incorporated a Tactile Braille Instructions option into the display. This allows users with visual impairments to navigate the kiosk interface with ease, ensuring they can access the functions and information they need independently.

Hydraulic Free Standing Base for Height Adjustment:

In addition to the Section 508 features, our Outdoor Self Order Kiosk comes with an ADA-compliant hydraulic free-standing base. This base allows users to adjust the height of the kiosk to their preference, catering to individuals of varying heights and mobility levels.

Why These Features Matter:

The optional Section 508 features in our 21.5" Outdoor Self Order Kiosk are not just about meeting regulatory standards; they’re about providing an enriching and accessible experience for all users. By going beyond the basics, we aim to create a kiosk that accommodates diverse needs, ensuring that everyone can engage with the technology comfortably and independently.

At Eflyn, accessibility is not a checkbox; it’s a commitment. Our innovative approach to Section 508 compliance is a testament to our dedication to inclusivity and user-centric design.

For further inquiries or to experience the enhanced accessibility of our 21.5" Outdoor Self Order Kiosk, feel free to reach out to our team. We’re here to make technology accessible to everyone.


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