Published: Mar 25th, 2024
Toronto, Ontario

Eflyn's 75" Dual Sided Outdoor Digital Signage: A CN Tower Success Story

In the heart of Toronto, the iconic CN Tower stands tall as one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. Drawing millions of visitors annually, it serves as a symbol of innovation and modernity. To enhance the visitor experience and provide valuable information, the CN Tower turned to Eflyn’s cutting-edge technology. In this case study, we explore how Eflyn’s 75" Dual Sided Outdoor Digital Signage transformed the CN Tower’s communication and interaction with guests.

Eflyn Kiosks at CN Tower, Toronto

The CN Tower faced the challenge of effectively conveying information to a diverse group of visitors, including tourists, school groups, and event attendees. The existing static signage struggled to keep up with the dynamic needs of the venue. They needed a solution that would allow them to communicate information efficiently, while also showcasing the CN Tower’s commitment to innovation and modernity.

Eflyn’s 75" Dual Sided Outdoor Digital Signage presented an ideal solution. Its impressive size and high-resolution display allowed for clear and engaging content delivery. With a dual-sided design, the CN Tower could maximize its impact, ensuring that visitors on both sides could access information easily.

Key Features:

  • High Brightness Display: The Eflyn digital signage was equipped with high brightness capabilities, ensuring visibility even in direct sunlight. This feature was crucial for an outdoor location like the CN Tower, where lighting conditions vary throughout the day.
  • Interactive Content: Although not a touchscreen, the digital signage displayed interactive content that engaged visitors. It showcased dynamic visuals, event listings, and informative content to enrich the visitor experience.
  • Remote Content Management: Eflyn’s digital signage allowed the CN Tower staff to update content remotely, ensuring that the information displayed was always accurate and up-to-date.
  • Weatherproof Design: The outdoor digital signage was built to withstand Canada’s diverse weather conditions, ensuring continuous operation year-round.


The implementation of Eflyn’s 75" Dual Sided Outdoor Digital Signage at the CN Tower brought about remarkable results:

  • Enhanced Visitor Experience: Visitors now had access to interactive maps, event listings, and informative content that enriched their experience at the CN Tower.
  • Improved Communication: The CN Tower management could communicate real-time information, such as weather alerts, elevator wait times, and special promotions, ensuring that visitors were well-informed throughout their visit.
  • Increased Engagement: The dynamic and visually appealing content encouraged visitor engagement, making it an invaluable tool for educating and entertaining guests.
  • Modern Image: The CN Tower’s investment in cutting-edge technology reinforced its image as a modern and forward-thinking attraction.

Eflyn’s 75" Dual Sided Outdoor Digital Signage has successfully transformed the CN Tower’s communication strategy, providing visitors with valuable information and enhancing their overall experience. This partnership between a world-renowned landmark and a technology innovator showcases the power of digital signage in creating a seamless and engaging visitor journey. The CN Tower continues to stand as a symbol of innovation, and Eflyn is proud to contribute to its success.

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