Published: Dec 28, 2020
Toronto, Ontario

Eflyn Unveils 2021 Digital Display Product Line

Double Sided PCAP Touch Floor Standing Kiosk, 21.5" and 32" Self Order Kiosk, 55" Outdoor Digital Signage and Drive Thru Kiosk, 49" Double Sided Carousal Kiosk, 15.5" Floor Standing Kiosk, 21.5" Dual Sided Wayfinding Kiosk, 21.5" and 32" PCAP touch Kiosk with brochures & catalogs holder

TORONTO, ON- Eflyn today unveiled their new 2021 product line featuring upgrades to current models as well as the release of entirely new technology. The bestselling Self Order kiosk line saw new upgrades including a sleeker 32” model with stunning RGB light strips running down the sides and an entirely new 21.5” model fit with a horizontal and vertical display, sleeker black casing, and RGB light strips running down the front.

“Our customers are valuable to us and we take their feedback seriously.” Said Mr. Rashid Qadri, the Founder, and CEO of Eflyn. “We had many discussions about our Self Order Kiosks and what we heard from our customers was that the 32” model needed to be slightly slimmer to better fit inside public spaces, on the other hand our clients loved our 21.5” model but wanted a universal casing for it that would better suit their needs and so we recreated this version in a clean black colour.”

Upgrades were also made to the Catalogue Kiosk model, which is now available in it’s traditional 15.5” size as well as a new 32” option. A new double-sided Free-Standing Kiosk was also added to the product line in an effort to help with traffic flow on these popular screens.

In addition to upgrades on existing models, Eflyn has also launched new products in their 2021 digital-display line-up. A brand new compact 15.5” Free-Standing Kiosk with attention capturing RGB light strips joins the Eflyn product line. This new hardware is perfect for academic institutions, office spaces, or other clients who wish to convey information on a digital-display but are not looking for a payment-solution and are not located in high-traffic areas. This kiosk is also available in non-touch with a slimmer casing that maximizes its portability.

A new 49” Carousel Kiosk also joins the Eflyn product line for the first time ever. This vibrant display sits atop an RGB-lit base. This base has built-in wheels, allowing for this display to be transported and locked into place with ease. The revolving spin is gradual, allowing viewers to comfortably view the screen, and the border of the screen feature RGB lights to maximize the attention on this screen.

Eflyn provides essential Wayfinding software solutions that can be paired with their Free-Standing Kiosks or that can be used as a mobile application. Seeing the success of this solution, Eflyn has released two new models to be exclusively used as WayFinding Kiosk systems. The first model features two double-sided touchscreens on a single vertical panel. This bright and eye-capturing kiosk is perfect for larger spaces that experience higher-traffic volume and require a solution that is vibrant and functional. The second WayFinding Kiosk on Eflyn’s 2021 Product Line is a WayFinding Kiosk with four adjustable horizontal displays. The displays can be adjusted to point in any given direction in order to provide a more accurate visual representational direction.

The final item in the Eflyn 2021 product line is the long-awaited brand new sleek 55” Outdoor Kiosk with a built-in rear lightbox. This product features 5000 nits brightness, approximately 7x brighter than the average Eflyn screen, making it ideal for comfortable viewing in an outdoor environment. The rear features a bright lightbox, perfect for displaying advertisements. In addition, this kiosk features attention-grabbing RGB light strips on three borders, built-in heating, and cooling systems, and a free-standing and wall-mountable option. The clean black casing completes the package and makes it one of Eflyn’s highest-rated products of 2021.

Eflyn’s new product line will be available for order starting January 1, 2021. The products are currently available for viewing and use in the company’s Toronto office.

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