Published: Feb 19, 2023
Orange, California

Eflyn Takes on the Future of Smart Retailing with the Eflyn's Robomarket Micro Market Smart Vending Machine Designed for Shopify Ecommerce

Designed for the world’s best ecommerce engine Shopify, you now have the opportunity to sell online, in person, and on the Robomarket Micro Market at a fraction of cost.

Toronto, CANADA – Customers expect to shop when they want and Eflyn Robomarket Micro Market Smart Vending Machine designed for Shopify ecommerce is a great solution for this smart retailing and the world’s first smart micro market vending machine powered by Shopify E-commerce.

The large size 22” Touch screen display is perfect for your customer’s browsing and placing orders. Since the micro-market is running on the backbone of Shopify ecommerce store, now you can not only sell online, sell in your store using Eflyn Shopify Self Checkout kiosks but also on-demand retailing on the Robomarket micro-market. You do not need any additional tools for your inventory management. Just select a specific collection for all your Robomarket Micro Market and you will get an immediate alert when you are low on any item in your micro market vending machine.

Robomarket is not just a mico market. It is also your digital billboard that features two additional high-brightness 32” displays on top to run your in-store advertisement or an additional revenue stream by offering marketing space. Managing the ads is extremely easy with our state-of-the-art integration with Google Slide so now creating and modifying ads has never been that easier with Google Slide. 

“The Robomarket Smart Micro Market Vending Machine is a one-of-a-kind industry game-changer. This X-Y Robot Arms and adjustable slots offers an exciting innovation in an industry that has remained relatively unchanged for decades”. said Dawar Rashid, CTO, Eflyn Electronics Ltd. “Engineered using the world’s best ecommerce engine Shopify and Eflyn’s E-Suite will allow for multi-channel selling, swift and easy set-up, and extremely easy and fast inventory management.” 

Robomarket’s Top Features

  • 80% Sales Adaptability More than 80% of the products sold in Convenience Store
  • 14-Sec. Ultrafast Response In just 14 seconds customer purchase is completed
  • 96% Space Usage High Space Usage up to 96%
  • 15.52 ft2 Footprint Small footprint suits most indoor applications
  • 300 Bottles 60 bottles (max 65mm) Shelf, 5 Shelves in total


Eflyn is a retailer, distributor, and manufacturer of interactive indoor digital signage, self order machines, video wall bundles, weatherproof interactive outdoor digital signage, and EV Charging Stations Kiosks. The Company was founded in January 2002 in Toronto, Ontario, and currently maintains a research centre and showroom in Mississauga, Ontario, and a secondary display centre in Orange, California. Eflyn’s mission is to provide all businesses with the opportunity to innovate and grow in the consumer market.


Eflyn's Robomarket Micro Market: Revolutionizing Retail with Shopify Integration

Experience the future of smart retailing with Eflyn's Robomarket Micro Market. This innovative vending machine is seamlessly integrated with Shopify, offering you a cost-effective way to expand your online and in-person sales. Join us in shaping the future of retail – contact us today for more details.

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