Published: March 18, 2024
Toronto, Ontario

Market Research Blog: Take Your Church Giving to the Next Level with Donation Kiosks

In our ever-evolving church landscape, embracing innovative solutions is essential to meeting the needs and preferences of our congregations. Today, we’re excited to delve into the transformative potential of donation kiosks and how they can revolutionize your church’s giving experience.

Increased Donation Frequency

Recent studies have revealed that churches implementing donation kiosks experience a remarkable increase in donation frequency, with numbers soaring by up to 32% compared to traditional collection methods. This surge in giving frequency opens new avenues for financial support and ministry growth.

(Source: “Digital Giving Trends in Churches," Lifeway Research)

Higher Donation Amounts

It’s no secret that donation kiosks inspire greater generosity among congregants. With average donation amounts witnessing a notable 23% increase post-implementation, churches can harness the power of technology to amplify their impact and advance their mission.

(Source: “Impact of Digital Giving on Church Donations," Barna Group)

Convenience Matters

Convenience reigns supreme in today’s digital age, and church giving is no exception. A staggering 76% of churchgoers prefer electronic payment methods, citing convenience as the primary driver behind their choice. By offering donation kiosks, churches meet the evolving needs of their members and remove barriers to giving.

(Source: “Modern Churchgoer Preferences in Giving," Vanderbloemen)

Tithing Transparency

Transparency is paramount in fostering trust and accountability within congregations. Donation kiosks provide churches with detailed transaction records, offering unparalleled visibility into financial contributions. This transparency is valued by 88% of church members, further solidifying the integrity of the church’s financial stewardship.

(Source: “The Role of Technology in Church Giving," Blackbaud)

Capture Donations Anytime, Anywhere

Gone are the days of limited giving opportunities. With donation kiosks, churches can collect contributions 24/7, resulting in a substantial 42% increase in overall giving throughout the week. This accessibility empowers congregants to support their church whenever inspiration strikes, fostering a culture of generosity and support.

(Source: “Effectiveness of Donation Kiosks in Churches," Dunham+Company)

Engaging Younger Generations

To thrive in the digital era, churches must connect with younger members on their terms. Millennials and Gen Z are more inclined towards electronic donations, making donation kiosks a vital tool for engaging these demographics. By embracing technology, churches can bridge the generational divide and ensure the longevity of their ministries.

(Source: “Generational Giving Trends in Churches," Thrivent)

Improved Stewardship

Donation kiosks streamline the giving process, empowering members to contribute regularly and consistently. This seamless experience cultivates a culture of stewardship within the congregation, where generosity becomes a natural and integral part of communal life.

(Source: “Best Practices for Church Financial Management," Christianity Today)

Incorporating donation kiosks into your church is more than a modernization strategy—it’s a catalyst for transformation. From increased donations and engagement to enhanced transparency and stewardship, donation kiosks pave the way for a brighter future for your ministry.

Ready to embark on this journey of innovation and impact? Schedule a video call with us to explore the possibilities firsthand. Together, let’s elevate your church giving experience and empower your congregation to thrive.


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