2×6 Video Wall Bundle
55" - 3.5mm Bezel

Eflyn Maya is a fully packaged, ready-to-go video wall packaged solution developed by Eflyn to save you time, money, and the hassle associated with designing and configuring a video wall system. A Video Wall Solution for Any Business!

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Industrial Grade Components

Industrial grade components are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial & retail sector due to their reliability, durability, and total cost of ownership. Eflyn Maya Video Wall made up of industrial grade, rugged design components. Fully compatible with all types of applications and connectivity options. The rewards of deploying industrial grade video wall are generous. Efficient capturing, unsurpassed image quality, redefining your business place interior by providing endless possibilities for creative expression with durability and reliability.

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What comes in the bundle

Bundle Includes:
  • Twelve (12) Premium 55″ Video Wall Panels
  • 3.5 mm Bezel
  • Commercial-grade Hydraulic Push-out Mounting Brackets
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Computer, Intel i5, 8GB RAM, 64GB SSD
  • All Cables and Accessories
  • Fast Delivery
  • Professional Installation anywhere in the US and Canada
  • Content Setup and Training with E Suite

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Seamless Large Screens with Narrow 3.5mm Bezel

The narrow tiled grid patterns bezels create a beautiful aesthetically pleasing fully high definition experience.

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Meet the Hood

Elegance and Simplicity Front & Back. HDMI, DP, DVI-D, USB, RJ45, IR, Power. A modern look for all your old fashioned connectivities.

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Professional Push Out Wall Mount System, Made Especially for Video Wall Applications

A Gliding push-out open and close feature for simplified maintenance and serviceability. Comes with a proprietary alignment system.

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Want to learn about digital signage? How about self-serve kiosks or setting up your own video wall? Learn from one of our digital engagement experts about the latest in interactive display technologies and software.

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