Our range of innovative kiosks and digital signage solutions are designed to streamline operations, enhance patient experience, and improve overall efficiency in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and long-term care facilities.

Indoor Digital Signage

Eflyn's indoor digital signage solutions deliver vital information, announcements, and updates to patients, staff, and visitors in real time. From appointment reminders and health tips to safety protocols and wayfinding instructions, our digital signage enhances communication, improves navigation, and enhances overall patient experience.

Fundraising Kiosks

For hospitals and long-term care facilities seeking additional revenue streams, our fundraising kiosks provide a platform to solicit donations, raise funds for medical research, and support patient care initiatives. These kiosks engage donors and supporters, fostering a culture of philanthropy within healthcare organization

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Wall-Mountable Displays

Our wall-mountable displays are ideal for showcasing important information, educational content, and promotional materials in waiting rooms, lobbies, and corridors. These displays serve as valuable communication tools, keeping patients and visitors informed, engaged, and entertained during their visit.

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Sanitizer Kiosks

Our sanitizer kiosks are equipped with touchless hand sanitizer dispensers, promoting hand hygiene and reducing the spread of infections within healthcare facilities. These kiosks are strategically placed at entrances, waiting areas, and high-traffic areas to ensure easy access for patients, staff, and visitors.

Wayfinding Systems

Navigating large healthcare facilities can be challenging for patients and visitors. Eflyn's wayfinding systems offer intuitive navigation and directions, guiding individuals to their destinations efficiently. By reducing confusion and minimizing delays, our wayfinding systems enhance patient satisfaction and improve overall accessibility.

Eflyn Ads and ESuite

Eflyn Ads, combined with our kiosk contents management application ESuite, empower healthcare organizations to deliver targeted advertising, educational content, and important announcements across their digital signage network. With seamless content management and scheduling capabilities, healthcare facilities can enhance communication, promote services, and engage their audience effectively.

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Empowering Healthcare Organizations

From promoting hygiene and improving communication to enhancing navigation and fundraising efforts, Eflyn’s industry solutions for the healthcare sector offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and long-term care facilities. With our innovative kiosks and digital signage solutions, healthcare organizations can optimize operations, enhance patient experience, and drive better outcomes for patients and staff alike.

Eflyn Healthcare Industry Solution Infographics

Here's what we offer to the Healthcare industry
Sanitizer Kiosks
Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers strategically placed in healthcare facilities promote hand hygiene and reduce infections.
Indoor Digital Signage
Real-time delivery of vital information, announcements, and updates enhances communication and patient experience.
Fundraising Kiosks
Engage donors and support patient care initiatives with fundraising kiosks, fostering a culture of philanthropy.
Wall-Mountable Displays
Showcase information and promotional materials in waiting rooms and lobbies to keep patients and visitors informed and entertained.
Wayfinding Systems
Intuitive navigation guides patients and visitors efficiently, enhancing satisfaction and accessibility within healthcare facilities.
Eflyn Ads and ESuite
Deliver targeted advertising and educational content across digital signage networks to enhance communication and engage the audience effectively.

Quantitative Analysis of ROI for Digital Solutions: Industry Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

These ROI metrics are based on industry studies and data, demonstrating the tangible benefits and return on investment achievable through the deployment of Eflyn’s digital signage solutions in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and long-term care facilities facilities.

ROI Metric Description Percentage/Amount
Enhanced Patient Experience Indoor digital signage, sanitizer kiosks, and wayfinding systems improve patient experience by providing relevant information, promoting hygiene, and assisting with navigation in hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. 15-25% increase in patient satisfaction
Operational Efficiency Sanitizer kiosks promote hand hygiene, reduce the spread of infections, and minimize the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced healthcare costs for hospitals and clinics. 20-30% decrease in HAIs and associated costs
Fundraising Opportunities Fundraising kiosks enable hospitals and long-term care facilities to solicit donations, raise funds for medical research, and support patient care initiatives, providing additional revenue streams and financial support for healthcare institutions. 10-20% increase in fundraising revenue
Improved Communication Wall-mountable displays and indoor digital signage enhance communication with patients, staff, and visitors by delivering timely announcements, safety reminders, and educational content, fostering better communication and engagement within healthcare facilities. 15-20% improvement in communication effectiveness
Staff Efficiency Indoor digital signage delivers educational content, health tips, and wellness information to patients and visitors, promoting health literacy, disease prevention, and self-care practices, leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced readmission rates. 15-25% decrease in readmission rates
Wayfinding and Navigation Wayfinding systems provide intuitive navigation and directions within healthcare facilities, reducing patient and visitor confusion, minimizing delays, and improving overall satisfaction with the facility layout and accessibility. 15-20% decrease in patient and visitor wait times

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