Industry Solutions for Fitness and Wellness

In the fast-evolving fitness and wellness industry, gyms, spas, yoga studios, and health clubs are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the member experience, streamline operations, and boost engagement.

Indoor Floor-Standing Digital Signages

In-House Advertisements

Promote class schedules, special offers, upcoming events, and wellness tips directly to members as they enter or navigate the facility. Eye-catching visuals and dynamic content can increase participation in classes and services.

Wayfinding and Information Display

Help members easily locate different areas within the facility, such as the gym floor, locker rooms, studios, and spa areas. This improves the overall member experience by reducing confusion and enhancing convenience.

Interactive Content

Allow members to interact with the signage to find detailed information about trainers, classes, and wellness programs. This interactive capability can increase engagement and provide a more personalized experience.

21.5” Self Checkout Kiosks Flex Series

Self-Checkout for Food and Supplies

Enable members to quickly purchase healthy snacks, drinks, supplements, and workout gear without waiting in line. This reduces staff workload and improves the overall efficiency of the facility.

Membership and Service Payments

Allow members to pay for memberships, book classes, and purchase spa services independently. This self-serve option provides convenience for members and ensures a smooth transaction process.

Loyalty Programs and Promotions

Integrate loyalty programs where members can easily check their points, redeem rewards, and take advantage of special promotions, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Interactive Wall-Mountable Digital Displays : Interactive Engagement and Educational Tools

Class and Service Bookings

Allow members to book classes, personal training sessions, and spa treatments directly from the display. This not only makes the booking process more convenient but also reduces the administrative burden on staff.

Educational Content

Display instructional videos, health tips, and wellness information to educate members on proper workout techniques, nutrition, and holistic wellness practices. This adds value to the member experience by providing continuous learning opportunities.

Feedback and Surveys

Use interactive features to gather feedback from members about their experiences and preferences. This real-time data collection can help management make informed decisions to improve services and facilities.

Single or Dual-Sided Window Signage : Maximize Visibility

  • Attract Passersby: Display vibrant and dynamic content on single or dual-sided window signage to attract potential members walking by your facility.
  • Promote Services: Highlight key services, special offers, and membership benefits to draw in new clientele.
  • Additional Use Cases: Personalized Experiences and Member Retention

    Personalized Content

    Use data-driven insights to display personalized content tailored to individual member preferences and behaviors. This can include customized workout plans, nutrition advice, and targeted promotions, enhancing member satisfaction and loyalty.

    Virtual Training and Wellness Programs

    Offer virtual classes and wellness programs that members can participate in from the comfort of their homes. This flexibility can attract more members and cater to diverse schedules and preferences.

    Community Building

    Foster a sense of community by displaying member achievements, community events, and success stories. This can create a supportive and motivating environment that encourages member engagement and retention.

    Comprehensive and versatile approach

    Our digital signage solutions provide a comprehensive and versatile approach to enhancing the operations and member experiences in gyms, spas, yoga studios, and health clubs. From improving visual communication and streamlining transactions to offering personalized and interactive content, our indoor floor-standing digital signages, 21.5” Self Checkout Kiosks Flex Series, and interactive wall-mountable digital displays are essential tools for modern fitness and wellness centers.

    Eflyn Healthcare Industry Solution Infographics

    Here's what we offer to the Healthcare industry
    Gyms - Lift Your Yoga Studio
    Increase member engagement and streamline operations with indoor floor-standing digital signages, self-checkout kiosks, and interactive wall-mountable displays. Promote classes, offer easy self-checkouts, and provide personalized workout information.
    Spas - Raise up Your Spa Services
    Boost client satisfaction with digital signages, self-checkout kiosks, and interactive displays. Advertise treatments, enable quick service payments, and share wellness tips for a seamless and relaxing experience.
    Yoga Studios - Boost Your Yoga Studio
    Create a serene and efficient environment with digital signages, self-checkout kiosks, and interactive displays. Showcase class schedules, facilitate easy sign-ups, and provide instructional content for enhanced practice.
    Health Clubs - Upgrade Your Health Club
    Showcase information and promotional materials in waiting rooms and lobbies to keep patients and visitors informed and entertained.

    ROI Quantitative Report for Fitness and Wellness Centers

    ROI Metric Description Percentage/Amount
    Increased Membership Enrollment Improvement in membership sign-ups due to enhanced engagement and advertising. Up to 20% increase in new memberships .
    Enhanced Member Retention Reduction in member churn through improved communication and personalized experiences. 10-15% higher retention rates
    Increased Sales of Goods and Services Growth in revenue from sales of snacks, drinks, supplements, and wellness products via kiosks. 15-25% increase in retail sales
    Operational Efficiency Reduction in staff workload and operational costs by automating transactions and information dissemination. Up to 30% reduction in labor costs .
    Improved Class and Service Booking Higher booking rates for classes and spa services due to convenient self-service options. 25-35% increase in class and service bookings .
    Higher Member Satisfaction Boost in member satisfaction scores due to enhanced facility experience. 20% improvement in satisfaction scores .
    Increased Foot Traffic Rise in the number of visitors attracted by eye-catching storefront displays. 10-15% increase in foot traffic
    Advertising Revenue Additional income from third-party advertisements displayed on digital signages. Potential revenue of $500-$1,000 per month per signage

    Want to learn about digital signage? How about self-serve kiosks or setting up your own video wall? Learn from one of our digital engagement experts about the latest in interactive display technologies and software.


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