Transforming Corporate Spaces with Eflyn's Innovative Technology

Transforming Corporate Spaces with Eflyn's Digital Signage Solutions

In today's fast-paced corporate environment, effective communication and navigation are paramount for success. Eflyn offers innovative digital signage solutions designed to enhance productivity, engagement, and efficiency across a wide range of corporate settings. From IP-65 rated outdoor touch screen displays to wall-mountable screens for receptions and lobbies, our solutions cater to diverse needs within the corporate sector.

IP-65 Rated Outdoor Touch Screen Digital Signages

With robust construction and weather-resistant features, our outdoor touch screen displays provide a reliable platform for communicating with employees, visitors, and passersby.

Whether used for displaying corporate announcements, event schedules, or wayfinding information, these durable displays ensure visibility and accessibility in any outdoor environment.

Wall-Mountable Displays (21.5” to 55” Touch Screen)

Ideal for reception areas and lobbies, our wall-mountable touch screen displays offer a sleek and interactive solution for welcoming guests, sharing company updates, and providing essential information.

From displaying corporate videos and presentations to facilitating self-service check-ins, these displays serve as versatile communication tools in corporate settings.

Our Applications


Effortlessly manage and schedule content across your digital signage network with our cloud-based signage management software. Enjoy seamless control and customization from anywhere, at any time.

EasyFind Pro Digital Wayfinding System and Digital Directory

Simplify navigation within corporate campuses and buildings with our intuitive wayfinding solution. Help employees and visitors find their way quickly and efficiently, reducing confusion and enhancing overall experience.

Indoor Floor Standing Digital Signages

Enhance the ambiance of corporate spaces with our indoor floor-standing digital signages, available in various sizes and configurations to suit different environments.

Use these displays to showcase corporate branding, highlight company achievements, and provide dynamic content to employees and visitors alike.

Eflyn Corporate Solutions

Here's what we offer to the Corporate industry
Office Spaces
Improve communication and collaboration among employees with strategically placed digital displays.
Tenant Office Buildings
Enhance tenant satisfaction and engagement with informative and interactive digital signage solutions.
Multinational Company Headquarters
Elevate the corporate environment with cutting-edge digital technology that reflects your company's forward-thinking approach.
Shared Workspaces
Foster a sense of community and connectivity among coworking members with dynamic digital displays.
Business Parks
Provide essential information and directions to tenants, visitors, and service providers within expansive business park environments.
Corporate Campuses
Streamline navigation and communication across sprawling corporate campuses with our comprehensive digital signage solutions
Business Incubators/Accelerators
Create a modern and dynamic environment conducive to innovation and collaboration with digital signage.
Data Centers
Display critical information and updates in data center facilities to ensure efficient operation and maintenance.
Corporate Training Centers
Enhance the learning experience and facilitate knowledge sharing with interactive digital displays and wayfinding solutions.
Corporate Headquarters
Make a lasting impression on employees, clients, and stakeholders with sophisticated digital signage solutions that reflect your corporate identity.

Quantitative Analysis of ROI for Digital Solutions: Industry Solutions for the Corporate Sector

ROI Metric Description Percentage/Amount
Increased Brand Visibility Deploying IP-65 rated outdoor interactive touch screen digital signages and interactive wall-mountable digital displays at corporate headquarters, business parks, and office spaces can increase brand visibility among employees, visitors, and clients. 20-30% increase in brand visibility
Enhanced Employee Engagement Implementing indoor floor-standing digital signages with engaging content, such as corporate announcements, employee recognition messages, and company news, can enhance employee engagement in office spaces, shared workspaces, and corporate campuses. 15-25% increase in employee engagement
Improved Wayfinding Efficiency Installing the interactive EasyFind Pro wayfinding system in corporate campuses, business parks, and multinational company headquarters can improve wayfinding efficiency for visitors and employees, reducing time spent searching for specific locations. 30-40% reduction in navigation time
Streamlined Event Management Utilizing an events calendar integrated with digital signages and kiosks contents management application (ESuite) in corporate training centers and business incubators/accelerators can streamline event management processes, including scheduling, registration, and communication. 20-35% reduction in event management time
Increased Sales and Revenue Deploying IP-65 rated outdoor interactive touch screen digital signages with targeted promotions and advertisements can lead to increased sales and revenue for tenant office buildings, corporate headquarters, and business parks by attracting potential customers. 10-20% increase in sales and revenue
Cost Savings on Printing and Paper By replacing traditional printed materials with digital signages and interactive displays for disseminating corporate communications and training materials, corporate headquarters and tenant office buildings can achieve significant cost savings on printing and paper. 15-25% reduction in printing and paper costs
Enhanced Visitor Experience Utilizing interactive kiosks and digital signages for delivering multimedia training modules and educational content in corporate training centers can improve training effectiveness by enhancing engagement and knowledge retention among employees. 20-30% increase in training effectiveness
Streamlined Information Dissemination Deploying IP-65 rated outdoor interactive touch screen digital signages and interactive wall-mountable digital displays in corporate campuses and business parks can streamline information dissemination processes by providing real-time updates and announcements. 25-35% reduction in information dissemination time

Want to learn about digital signage? How about self-serve kiosks or setting up your own video wall? Learn from one of our digital engagement experts about the latest in interactive display technologies and software.


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