Published: Dec 1, 2023
Buena Park, California

Score Big with Ordering Kiosks and Prepare Your Retail Business for the FIFA 2026 World Cup


Score Big with Ordering Kiosks and Prepare Your Retail Business for the FIFA 2026 World Cup

The FIFA 2026 World Cup is not just another sporting event; it’s a global phenomenon that promises a wave of excitement, thrills, and, for retailers, a significant boost in business. With the eyes of the world turning toward North America, retailers have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the event. But how can you ensure that your retail business is ready to score big during this monumental occasion? The answer lies in the strategic implementation of self-ordering kiosks.

The Power of Ordering Kiosks

Self-ordering kiosks have emerged as a game-changer in the retail industry. These interactive, user-friendly terminals empower customers to browse products, customize orders, and make payments seamlessly. They streamline the ordering process, reduce wait times, and offer a personalized shopping experience. But their significance goes beyond enhancing customer convenience.

The FIFA 2026 Opportunity

The FIFA World Cup brings together millions of fans, tourists, and enthusiasts from around the globe. Stadiums will be packed, cities will be buzzing, and retailers will witness a surge in foot traffic. This is your chance to shine and maximize sales, but it requires preparation.

Getting Ahead of the Game

Implementing ordering kiosks well in advance of the FIFA 2026 World Cup is crucial. The timeline is your ally. Consider the following steps:

  1. Planning and Selection: Start by researching and selecting the right self-ordering kiosk system for your business. Consider factors such as your budget, store layout, and the type of products you offer. 
  2. Integration with Shopify: Ensure seamless integration with your Shopify store. Your kiosk should reflect your online inventory, prices, and promotions in real-time. 
  3. Installation and Testing: Don’t wait until the last minute. Install and test the kiosks months before the event. This will give your staff time to become familiar with the system and work out any glitches. 
  4. Marketing and Promotion: Use the lead-up to the FIFA 2026 World Cup to market your new ordering kiosks. Create excitement and anticipation among your customers. 
  5. Staff Training: Train your staff to assist customers with kiosk orders and provide exceptional service. Customer satisfaction remains paramount.

Benefits of Advance Implementation

Why is it crucial to act now? The advantages are significant:

  1. Familiarity: By implementing kiosks well in advance, your staff and customers become familiar with the technology. This familiarity translates into smoother operations and quicker service. 
  2. Optimization: You’ll have time to optimize your kiosk offerings, ensuring that you provide the right products, promotions, and options that cater to the World Cup audience. 
  3. Competitive Edge: Early adoption of self-ordering kiosks can give you a competitive edge. Be among the first to offer this convenient service during the event. 
  4. Stress Reduction: With kiosks in place, you can better manage the expected rush during the World Cup, reducing stress for both staff and customers.

The Final Whistle

The FIFA 2026 World Cup is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for retailers to elevate their business. Ordering kiosks can be your secret weapon in capitalizing on this event. By acting now and implementing these kiosks well in advance, you’ll be well-prepared to handle the surge in customers, enhance sales, and provide an exceptional shopping experience. It’s not just about winning the game; it’s about scoring big in the world of retail.

Ready to get started? Take that first step today and prepare to embrace the FIFA 2026 World Cup with open arms and open kiosks. Your retail business is about to embark on an exciting journey that promises to be a game-changer.

Score Big with Ordering Kiosks and Prepare Your Retail Business for the FIFA 2026 World Cup

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