Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering is easier and faster than ever.

Our mobile web ordering platform is the lightest, fastest and least annoying way to order food!

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Guest Checkout

Your customers can order instantly without having to download an annoying new app or even create an account!

No App Download

Your customers can order instantly without having to download an annoying new app or even create an account!

Custom Domain

Run mobile web ordering directly from your own website and your own domain!

HTTPS (SSL) Security

All transactions are securely delivered over HTTPS so your users’ data is completely safe and encrypted.

What sets our solution apart from the rest?

Health & Safety

Splash Screen

Show off your newest and tastiest menu items with impactful splash screens and videos.

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Easy Menu Navigation

With a simple sliding menu bar, users can slide and switch between menus with ease.

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Nested Menu Structure

Users will instantly recognize the nested menu structure popular among apps like Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes.

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Curb-side Pickup

Un-complicate curb-side ordering with our built-in Curb-Side prompt.

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Special Instructions

Every order is unique. With the simple Special Instructions prompt on each order your customers can specify essential details like preparation, additional options, etc.

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Really good at the important stuff without all the pageantry.

Ingredient Modifiers

Built-in support for ingredient modifications under each item.

Custom Base Options

Use custom base options to create varying price levels and combo products.

Groups and Add-ons

Easily create customizable items and add-ons with the multiple selection groups feature.

Min/Max Selections

Constrain selections for each combo or add-on with min/max.

Welcome Message

Customize headers, colors, typography and various other elements of the web interface.

Email Templates

Email Templates

Up-sell and Cross-sell strategies built-in.

The Eflyn Ordering System was designed with strategies to intelligently maximize ticket value.

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Incremental Pricing

Up-sell automatically with built-in incremental pricing at every level of the transaction.

Related Products AI

E Suite uses machine learning to automatically select related products based on popularity.

Specials and Promotions

Market-tested tools that enable you to create coupons, schedule discounts and promote specials in new and more engaging ways than previously possible.

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Schedule Promotions and Happy Hour

Create weekly specials easier and faster than ever with Eflyn Specials Scheduler.

Create your own coupons

With the built-in coupon generator you can create and customize coupons for multiple platforms and distribute offers digitally.

Go beyond bare-bones sales numbers with incredibly insightful reporting tools.

Sales Reports

Search, sort and filter all of your sales data with detailed reporting on transaction volume, sales comparisons, menu popularity and much more.

Accounting Reports

Get accurate reporting for your bookkeeping needs with key accounting insights.

Transaction Reports

Review essential transaction data such as payment method, refunds, voids and more.

Food Cost Reports

Easily setup ingredients, purchases and recipes to track all your food costing automatically.

Easier and Quicker Mobile Payments

Get up and running with mobile payments in 5 minutes with our Stripe integrated payment solution.

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Apple and Google Pay

Users with Apple or Google Pay are able to transact instantly directly on your mobile web ordering page.

No Transaction Fees

Unlike the many ordering applications available Eflyn does not collect any transaction fee per order.

Custom Fees

Add custom fees for your franchise or resort structure.

Mobile Tips

Prompt the user for various tipping options during checkout.

Kitchen Order Management

Our flexible kitchen architecture can integrate multiple order outputs such as touchscreen KDS or chit printers.

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Touchscreen KDS

Go paperless with the KDS display. Using the Eflyn KDS enables you to deliver live order updates via Order Status Monitor or E-Mail alerts.

Print Stations

Print menu items to multiple food stations with individual printer-menu configuration.

Go Beyond Mobile

Transform the entire ordering experience in your restaurant with the Eflyn Self-Order and POS system.

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$29/m billed annually

  • Perfect for businesses who just want to use fast-paced and accurate ordering using the benefit of a mobile app and would like to receive prepaid orders in the kitchen.
    • No app download Required
    • Guest checkout
    • Custom Domain with Secure Certificate (SSL) Setup
    • Sub-menus
    • Add-ons
    • Min/Max Selections
    • Multiple Base Options
    • Customizable Ingredients
    • Up-sells and cross-sells
    • Incremental Pricing


$39/m billed annually

  • Includes everything in Essential, plus the following:
    • Happy Hour
    • Coupons
    • Spin to Win! Promotions and Lead Generation
    • Sales Reports
    • Transaction Data
    • YTD Reports
    • Specials and Discounts Report


$49/m billed annually

  • Includes everything in Standard, plus the following:
    • Support for custom taxes and fees
    • Receipt and e-mail templates
    • Logo and colours
    • Splash screen
    • No Transaction Fees
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Pay with credit card
    • 15.6? Kitchen Display Unit
    • Food Cost Reporting
    • Inventory Reporting

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