Pro 32" Mission Kiosk: Redefining Fundraising Convenience and Impact

Step into the future of fundraising with the Flex 32" Mission Kiosk, your gateway to effortless, self-serve donations for your noble cause. This cutting-edge kiosk eliminates the need for cashiers or volunteers, enabling supporters to contribute seamlessly.

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Welcome to Eflyn's digital playground, where innovation meets customer satisfaction!

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Mission App

The superior all-in-one self-service fundraising platform that puts your mission first.

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Splash Screen

Every act of giving starts with inspiration. Splash screen videos are images are powerful tools for sharing your mission.

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Funds and Projects: Fueling Your Causes

Our platform supports multiple funds and contribution goals. A user-friendly dropdown menu empowers donors to easily choose the projects that resonate most with their desires for support.

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Mission-Centric Messaging

When you share your mission, the donations flow naturally. Our platform is equipped with robust storytelling tools to inspire and engage your donors effectively.

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Multimedia Stories

With one tap users can see beautiful stories and interactive information with videos, images and links.

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Custom Amounts

Flexible Donations Empower users to select from preset contribution options or specify a custom donation amount.

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Seamless Recurring Donations

Effortlessly generate customizable items and enhancements using our multiple selection groups feature.

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Express Your Gratitude

Show your donors how much you value their support with personalized and customizable thank-you pages.

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Apple and Google Pay

Donors with Apple or Google Pay are able to transact instantly on your donation page.

No Transaction Fees

Unlike many fundraising solutions Eflyn does not collect any transaction fee per order.

Transform Contributors into Advocates

Gain deeper insights into your generous supporters with comprehensive donor profiles and lists, seamlessly integrated into your outreach initiatives.

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Mission Kiosk

Say hello to your best volunteer — a fully un-manned fundraising kiosk with personality.

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Email Templates

Customize email templates with your own messaging, info and links.

Engaging Digital Signage Screensavers

Harness the power of visuals to convey your message effectively. When not in use, your Mission Kiosk can cycle through images and videos showcasing recent projects and inspirational quotes, leaving a lasting impact.

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Empower Self-Serve Donations

Shape a winning fundraising strategy by utilizing Eflyn's custom funds, campaigns, and appeals.

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Completely Automated

Blending cutting-edge hardware and software automation, the Mission Kiosk is your ideal fundraising companion.

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Event Tickets

Turn the Mission Kiosk into your own box-office for purchasing seats, tickets and other fundraising purchases at your next event.

Silent Auctions

The Mission Kiosk has built-in support for silent auction catalogs. Guests can browse available items and bid right from the kiosk with just a few taps.

Peace of Mind with Industry-Leading Warranty: Eflyn's Commitment to Quality

We stand behind our products with the utmost confidence. With a proven track record since 2002, Eflyn is committed to providing the highest quality outdoor digital signage solutions. Our industry-leading warranty ensures that our customers can trust in our products and have peace of mind knowing that they are protected by the best warranty in the industry.

Our team is also here to provide exceptional customer support and service, so you can get the most out of your Eflyn products.

Spin To Win

Create and deploy fully customizable Spin to Win promotions for lead generation directly on the Mission App and Mission Kiosk!

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Socialbooth Pro

Socialbooth Pro is a fully automated digital photobooth. Your donors will love getting a chance to take photos with their friends. Users choose custom frames to stylize their photos and email or upload photos directly to social media.

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Custom brand your Mission platform with sponsors and sponsorship messaging.

Vinyl Wrap
Kiosk wraps give a beautiful custom look to your machines that’s perfect for sponsors!

Lead Generation
Share lead data with your sponsors by exporting directly from the Mission App platform.

Branded App
With UI adjustments for colors, logos and messaging you can easily sponsor your Mission App.

Sponsorship Games
The Spin to Win and Photobooth apps can be fully customized for your sponsors.

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Discover the Power of Eflyn's Mission Platform

The Eflyn Mission Platform redefines the way your organization operates. With its remarkable reporting, insights, and engagement tools, it offers an experience like no other. Get ready to revolutionize your organization's efficiency and effectiveness.

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Size/Dimensions Specifications for 32-Inch Single Sided Touch Screen Ordering Kiosks - Pro Series

Height:  1918 mm (75.51 inches)
Thickness:  160 mm (6.29 inches)
Kiosk Width:  540 mm (21.25 inches)
Base Width:  520 mm (20.47 inches)
Base Depth:  450 mm (17.71 inches)

Size/Dimensions Specifications for 32-Inch Single Sided Touch Screen Ordering Kiosks - Wall Mount Configuration

Height:  1180 mm (46.45 inches)
Kiosk Width:  540 mm (21.25 inches)
Thickness:  160 mm (6.29 inches)

Did you catch all that? Let’s recap

Intuitive User Interface

An easy-to-use interface with clear instructions and intuitive navigation ensures that donors can quickly and easily make their contributions.

Multiple Payment Options

Offering a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and even cash, allows donors to choose their preferred way to give.

Donation Customization

Allowing donors to specify the purpose of their donation, such as supporting a particular project or campaign, can make the giving experience more personal and meaningful.

Printable Receipts

Providing instant, printable receipts for donations helps donors keep records for tax purposes and demonstrates transparency.

Multilingual Support

If applicable, offering support for multiple languages can help engage a broader audience and make the kiosk more inclusive.

Interactive Content

Incorporating videos, images, and interactive content that showcases your organization's mission and impact can help educate and inspire potential donors.

Real-time Progress Tracking

Displaying real-time progress toward fundraising goals on the kiosk's screen can motivate donors to contribute more to help reach milestones.

Contactless Giving

In today's environment, contactless options, such as QR code-based donations or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, can make donors feel more comfortable and secure.

Email Receipts

Sending donation receipts via email allows donors to access their records electronically and can also be an opportunity to engage them further with your organization's updates and news.

Social Media Integration

Enabling donors to share their contributions on social media platforms can help spread the word about your cause and encourage others to donate.

Data Collection and Analytics

Gathering donor data (with proper consent and privacy considerations) can help your organization understand donor behavior, tailor campaigns, and build stronger relationships with supporters.

Accessibility Features

Ensure that your kiosk complies with accessibility standards, providing features like screen readers and compatibility with assistive devices.

Remote Monitoring

Implementing remote monitoring and management capabilities allows you to troubleshoot issues, update content, and track usage remotely.


Implement robust security measures to protect donor information and maintain trust.

Customer Support

Offer on-screen or remote customer support options for donors who may need assistance during the donation process.

Feedback Mechanism

Provide a way for donors to offer feedback or ask questions, demonstrating your organization's commitment to transparency and improvement.


Connect with Us about Our 32" Mission Kiosk for Self-Serve Donations and Fundraising

If you have questions or would like more information about our 32" Mission Kiosk, specifically designed for self-serve donations and fundraising, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team is ready to assist you and explain how this innovative solution can boost your fundraising efforts and streamline donations. Reach out to us today!

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