Kiosk Developer Program

Build, test and deploy custom apps on the world’s most powerful Kiosk Platform.

Power to Innovate, Flexibility to Design

Introducing Eflyn Kiosk Developer Platform

Elevate your kiosk application with Eflyn’s cutting-edge Kiosk Developer Platform – a powerhouse of APIs, tools, and pre-built workflows. Fast-track your creation, testing, and deployment process, accelerating your go-to-market and delivering superior user experiences.

Key Features:

  • Speedy App Development: Harness our robust API suite for faster, easier custom kiosk app creation.
  • Admin API: Manage kiosk hardware and apps seamlessly with our fully-typed, open-source API.
  • Custom Kiosk Apps: The E Suite Platform SDK – your key to effortless integrations with the Kiosk OS, barcode scanners, printers, and more.
  • Payment Acceptance: Enable in-person payments directly on the kiosk with the Payment API, compatible with popular North American payment platforms.
  • Plugin API: Customize Eflyn Kiosk Apps behavior and manage data across various elements with serverless functions.
  • Developer Onboarding: Comprehensive support, documentation, and consultation services for a seamless onboarding experience.
  • Experience the power of simplicity with Eflyn’s Kiosk Developer Platform. Your path to efficient and impactful kiosk application development starts here. Let’s bring your vision to life.

    Unlock the Potential of Kiosk Development

    Empower your creativity and innovation with our Kiosk Developer Program. Gain access to a robust platform that allows you to build, test, and deploy custom applications tailored for kiosk environments. Utilize the cutting-edge features and capabilities of our powerful Kiosk Platform to create unique solutions that cater to the specific needs of your clients and users. With our comprehensive developer resources and support, the possibilities are endless. Join our Kiosk Developer Program and shape the future of interactive kiosk experiences.

    Streamline Kiosk Management with Admin API

    Effortlessly manage your kiosk hardware and applications within E Suite using our user-friendly, fully-typed, and open-source Admin API. This powerful tool provides seamless integration and comprehensive control, allowing you to efficiently monitor and configure your kiosk ecosystem. From hardware management to app deployment and beyond, the Admin API simplifies the administrative tasks, empowering you to optimize your kiosk experience with ease. Explore the endless possibilities of efficient kiosk management with our Admin API.

    Custom App Development for Eflyn Kiosk Platform

    With our Custom Apps feature, you have the freedom to create your own tailored applications for the Eflyn Kiosk Platform. Leveraging the E Suite Platform SDK, your custom app gains seamless access to a wide range of integrations, including the Kiosk operating system, barcode scanners, printers, payment terminals, and more. This comprehensive toolkit empowers you to build innovative and interactive experiences that cater to your specific needs. Harness the full potential of the Eflyn Kiosk Platform with Custom Apps and elevate the way you engage with your audience.

    Seamless Developer Onboarding Experience

    Our comprehensive Developer Onboarding program provides all the essential resources, training, and support your developers need to quickly and effectively get started with creating custom Kiosk Apps. We guide your team through the entire onboarding process, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to unleash their creativity and build innovative applications for our Kiosk Platform. With our dedicated support and training, your developers will have the confidence and expertise to leverage the full potential of our platform and deliver exceptional Kiosk experiences. Join our Developer Onboarding program and unlock a world of possibilities for your Kiosk Apps.

    Revolutionize Your Kiosk Apps: Harness the Power of Plugin API

    Plugin API enables you to change the behavior of Eflyn Kiosk Apps with custom hooks and actions. It also enables you to write serverless functions for managing data across Kiosk Apps, databases and integrations..
  • 1. Developer Onboarding and Training
  • 2. Kiosk SDK Documentation and example app
  • 3. Custom App setup on your (can be a hosted example app or we can connect an external app with a URL)
  • 4. Support for downloading, installing and testing in E Suite Platform on Mac or Windows development machine.
  • 5. Up to 6 weekly 1-hour consultations with a Kiosk Developer to help answer any questions and make suggestions on program direction.

    Explore the Kiosk Developer Program

    Ready to build, test, and deploy custom apps on the world's most powerful Kiosk Platform? Connect with us to unlock the potential of our Kiosk Developer Program.

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