Maximize the Effectiveness of your giving process

21.5" Giving Kiosk Flex Series

Custom Engagement and Giving Platform for your Place of Worship

Introducing the inspirational power of Giving Kiosks. The Eflyn Giving Kiosk offers your church attendees a simple way to learn more about your mission, donate to specific funds and projects and engage with your content in meaningful new ways.

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Customized Giving Kiosk App

A detailed and customized approach to maximize the effectiveness of your giving process.

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Bridge the Gratification Gap

Scientifically-proven user interface design for the happiest giving experience. We all know that even a small amount makes a huge difference. We designed the giving interface to be simple, instant, and highly gratifying. With some simple customizations, you can make sure that your giver understands the value of every contribution, no matter how small. Your donors will also value each contribution that much more when they get to select specifically which fund or project it goes towards.

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Key Features

Email and Receipt Template

When givers complete their contribution they will receive an email or text message with a thank you message and gift receipt. This template is fully customizable and can be changed anytime with new and inspirational messaging. Receipts can also be printed directly from the kiosk.

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Impactful Messaging

Include digital media in your email outreach. Everything from branding, colors, backgrounds and messaging can be customized anytime quickly and easily. Add a personal touch by including a video or audio message from your staff thanking your givers for their generous gift.

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Funds, Projects and Appeals

Instant Touch-and-Select feature for Multiple Funds Craft a great fundraising strategy using Eflyn custom funds, campaigns and Appeals. Empower givers to choose exactly where their contribution goes with custom funds and projects. A simple dropdown menu encourages givers to select a particular project or cause they are connected to before giving. You can easily keep track of total contributions to each fund with our powerful reporting tools.

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Reporting and Analytics

Metrics and Reporting Dashboard

Search, filter and sort all your transactions in the reporting database. You can easily customize, view and download reports for reconciliation or import into third-party accounting systems.

Efficiently using givers data is the key to your nonprofit’s future growth and sustainability. Doing so will help you not only better understand your existing giving community.

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21.5” Multi-Touch Donation Kiosk

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Stainless Steel Counter

An optional Stainless Steel Counter works great for scan-pay and go customers. This is your simple checkout station.

Table Mount

Size Specification of 21.5” Single Sided Touch Screen Ordering Kiosks

Height: 67.71 inches (1720mm)
Width: 14 inches (355 mm)
Width Stainless Steel Counter: 26 inches (661 mm)
Depth: 3.18 inches (81 mm)
Depth Base: 15.74 inches (400 mm)
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Size Specification of 21.5” Single Sided Touch Screen Ordering Kiosks _ Counter Top Mount Model

Height: 33.68 inches (855.5mm)
Width: 13.9 inches (355 mm)
Depth Base: 13.77 inches (350 mm)
Angle: 15-degree.

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Size Specification of 21.5” Single Sided Touch Screen Ordering Kiosks _ Wall mount Model

Height: 32.67 inches (830mm)
Width: 13.9 inches (355 mm)
Depth: 3.18 inches (81 mm)

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Improved Touch

Improved Multi-Touch Screen with Faster Response Time

The multitouch screen is entirely redesigned to provide a faster response and more accurate touch recognition than ever before.

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Want to learn about digital signage? How about self-serve kiosks or setting up your own video wall? Learn from one of our digital engagement experts about the latest in interactive display technologies and software.


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